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Use our facility

External researchers can use all the unique equipment and setups we have to offer. An overview can be found at the sites of FELIX Laboratory and HFML. We offer possibilities for scientists and commercial use. Bear in mind that there might be extra measures due to COVID-19.

Academic users

Twice a year you can apply for either magnet time, beam time or a combination.  Deadlines for submitting a proposal are 15 May and 15 November.

Industrial users

For customers from industry, we provide the possibility to directly buy experimental time at the magnets and/or lasers. You can use it to advance your R&D program across a range of sectors including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and engineering.

Several companies make use of our unique possibilities. For example, in collaboration with Janssen Research & Development (a division of Janssen Pharmaceutical) we are mapping the effect of small changes in the chemical structure of active substances in new drugs. To do so, we use mass spectrometry and infrared ion spectroscopy (IRIS), in combination with the unique, tuneable infrared light of the FELIX free electron lasers. Read more on this cooperation in the interview with Head Analytical Sciences Filip Cuyckens (in Dutch).

Together with the Translational Metabolic Laboratory (TML) of the Radboudumc we provide an unique analytical service for metabolite (biomarker) identification. We are open to work with interested parties worldwide.

Curious to know what more we have to offer you? Please contact Martine Heiligers.