EMFL Summer School: Science in High Magnetic Fields

Date of news: 16 May 2018
26-30 September 2018: EMFL Summer School - Arles, France


The European Magnetic Field Laboratory (EMFL) summer school will be dedicated to recent advances in science in high magnetic fields. A series of lectures given by renowned scientists will guide participants through the various areas of current physics, chemistry and material science in high magnetic fields. The school is open primarily to young scientists, master & doctoral students and to postdoctoral researchers, but also to senior scientists willing to get an overview about current research in high magnetic fields. Participants will have an opportunity to present their own results in a specially dedicated poster session.

Invited Speakers & topics:

  • Denis M. Basko, (Grenoble) : 2D materials - theory
  • Julien Bobroff, (Paris-Orsay): Scientific outreach
  • Hartmut Buhmann, (Wűrzburg): Topological matter
  • Alexey Chernikov, (Regensburg): 2D materials - experiment
  • Peter Christianen, (Nijmegen): Soft matter
  • Amalia Coldea, (Oxford): HTc superconductivity
  • Mark O. Goerbig, (Paris-Orsay): Quantum Hall Effect
  • Nigel Hussey, (Nijmegen): Superconductivity
  • Alois Loidl, (Augsburg): Multiferroics
  • Hadrian Mayaffre, (Grenoble): Low-dimensional magnetism
  • Alix McCollam, (Nijmegen): Heavy-fermion systems
  • Robin J. Nicholas, (Oxford): Novel semiconductors
  • Alexandre Pourret, (Grenoble): Metals & Fermi surfaces
  • Geert Rikken, (Grenoble/Toulouse): Technology & exp. techniques
  • Joris van Slageren, (Stuttgart): Molecular magnetism
  • Dmitri Yakovlev, (Dortmund): Semiconductor nanostructures