HFML-FELIX officially opened

Date of news: 9 July 2019

Monday 8 July, Ingrid van Engelshoven, the Dutch minister of Education, Culture and Science, officially opened the HFML-FELIX facility. She was offered a tour around the labs, attended presentations by (young) scientists and enjoyed a dance performance.

Opening FELIX HFML-DvA-152045

During the tour, several researchers explained what they do. Femke Bangma (PhD student):  “It was certainly exciting to explain my research project to the minister. The minister was very interested and had some good questions.”  

The official opening included speeches by prof. dr. Han van Krieken, the rector of Radboud University and prof. dr. Niek Lopes Cardozo of NWO. They both stressed the importance of fundamental research, which was agreed upon by the minister. She sketched the two labs as worlds which already offered an incredible range of possibilities in their own right. “We don’t know exactly what this meeting of the worlds will yield, but it is sure to lead to fascinating new discoveries. […] This new large-scale facility is a huge asset to our research climate. And to Nijmegen and the Dutch knowledge economy as a whole.”

Opening FELIX HFML-DvA-152241

The building then turned into a stage for a special dance, portraying the connection between the two labs. At the end the minister was invited to open the building.  Britta Redlich, director of FELIX Laboratory: “The minster really took the time, so we had a chance to show her some of the diversity of research we do."

Opening FELIX HFML-DvA-152074