New developments HFML-FELIX with Roadmap funding

Date of news: 15 March 2019

Last year, HFML-FELIX was one of the ten research infrastructures that was awarded with a grant in the NWO “National Roadmap for Large-Scale Research Facilities “ scheme. NWO now gave official approval to start the project. 

With the grant of 10.8 million euros we proposed to expand the capabilities of our suite of free-electron lasers and install three dedicated research laboratories: the “Molecular ID lab”, where complex mixtures can be analyzed and molecular structures can be isolated and identified swiftly and accurately; the “Condensed Matter lab” for studying the interaction of condensed and magnetic materials with intense THz radiation; and a laboratory that will explore the combination of very high magnetic fields with intense THz radiation.

We started with hiring a PhD student for the Molecular ID lab and a new laser system is ordered for the Condensed Matter Lab.