May 10: PhD defence Leermakers on electronic properties of new materials in high magnetic fields

Date of news: 15 April 2019

Transistors in mobile phones, computers, smart watches and other gadgets depend, in the end, on the fundamental research done years before the invention of the actual tool we now use every day. Current challenges in fundamental solid state physics research lay in the behaviour of electrons.

During her experimental PhD research, Inge Leermakers has examined different solid material systems, in order to understand more about their fundamental electronic behaviour. She used extreme conditions such as low temperatures and the high magnetic fields available at the HFML. More specifically, these conditions allowed the study of the 2 dimensional conductivity between insulators, stimulated by light, and contributed to our understanding of the highly speculated Weyl-semimetals. Time will tell if this eventually will lead to future applications beyond conventional electronics.

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Leermakers: "I wanted to learn more about solid state physics. The HFML gave me this chance and provided me another challenge: to operate a large installation. And I’m proud I succeeded! Because HFML is a large facility with visiting scientists from all over the world, you are asked (next to your own project) to help guests to find their way in the lab. This is sometimes demanding, but very rewarding. You learn more about other topics and I had some interesting discussions on my own research. I also used the European network of high field laboratories; I went to Toulouse to do measurements. All and all a very international and certainly interesting time."

Leermakers successfully defended her doctoral thesis on Friday May 10.
Supervisor: prof. dr. U. Zeitler
Co-supervisor: dr. A. McCollam