PhD defence Lucas Tang: Transport and Magnetic Properties of Correlated Electron Systems in High Magnetic Fields

Date of news: 10 December 2020

Lucas Tang has dedicated his time at HFML to studying materials in the field of correlated electron systems. The interactions between electrons are responsible for the unique behaviour in correlated electron systems, and, thus, the unusual properties of many materials. As a result, their correlated behaviour has to be taken into account, rather than their behaviour as individual entities.

To study these materials, measurements were performed in high magnetic fields and low temperature, and were used as a tuning parameter to, for example, induce phase transitions.

Lucas Tang

Tang: “My research has been very broad, whereby I have studied three systems, each with varying degrees of electron correlations. I have used a range of experimental probes in a variety of experiments. I couldn’t have done it without the help and expertise of the HFML staff, mostly my co-promotor Alix McCollam and Frans Wijnen. ”

With his work, Tang made a vital contribution to the knowledge of material properties in correlated electron systems. Tang is now working as a trainee patent attorney at NLO, an Intellectual Property consultancy firm.


Tang has defended his doctoral thesis on Friday December 11.

Promotors: prof. dr. N.E. Hussey, prof. dr. U. Zeitler
Copromotor: dr. A. McCollam