Articles 1985

  1. C.J. Armistead, S.P. Najda, R.A. Stradling and J.C. Maan: Spectroscopic observation of D-, D0 and cyclotron resonance lines in n-GaAs and n-InP at intermediate and strong magnetic fields and under different conditions of bias, temperature and pressure. Solid State Communications 53 (1985), 1109-1114[PDF]
  2. M. Horst, U. Merkt, W. Zawadzki, J.C. Maan and K. Ploog: Resonant polarons in GaAs-GaAlAs heterostructuresSolid State Communications 53 (1985), 403-405 [PDF]

  3. G. Belle, J.C. Maan and G. Weimann: Measurement of the miniband width in a superlattice with interband absorption in a magnetic field parallel to the layers. Solid State Communications 56 (1985), 65-68  [PDF]

  4. R. Fletcher, J.C. Maan and G. Weimann: Experimental results on the high-field thermopower of a two- dimensional electron gas in a GaAs-Ga1-xAlxAs heterojunction. Physical Review B Rapid Communication 32 (1985), 8477-8479 - [PDF]