HFML Publications 2009

Articles 2009

  1. J.H. Blokland, M. Bozkurt, J.M. Ulloa, D. Reuter, A. D. Wieck, P. M. Koenraad, P. C. M. Christianen and J. C. Maan: Ellipsoidal InAs quantum dots observed by cross-sectional scanning tunneling microscopy. Applied Physics Letters, 94 (2009), 023107 (1-3)[PDF]

  2. J.W.G. Janssen, S. Jabbari-Faouji, M. Surin, X. Vila, J.C. Gielen, T.F.A. de Greef, M.R.J. Vos, P.H.H. Bomans, N.A.J.M. Sommerdijk, P. C. M. Christianen, P. Leclère, R. Lazzaroni, P. van der Schoot, E.W. Meijer and A.P.H.J. Schenning: Insight into templated supramolecular polymerization: binding of naphthalene derivatives to ssDNA templates of different lenghts. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 131 (2009), 1222-1231[PDF]

  3. J.C. Gielen, M. Wolffs, G. Portale, W. Bras, O. Henze, A.F.M. Kilbinger, W.J. Feast, J. C. Maan, A.P.H.J. Schenning and P. C. M. Christianen: Molecular organization of cylindrical sexithiophene aggregates measured by X-ray scattering and magnetic alignment.Langmuir,  3 (2009), 1272-1276[PDF]

  4. N.J.O. Silva, A. Millán, F. Palacio, E. Kampert, U. Zeitler, H. Rakoto and V.S. Amaral: Temperature dependence of antiferromagnetic susceptibility in ferritin. Physical Review B, 79 (2009), 104405 (1-7)[PDF]

  5. U. Zeitler, A.J.M. Giesbers and J. C. Maan: Quanten-Hall-Effekt in Graphen. Physik in unserer Zeit, 40 (2009), 124-131[PDF]

  6. J.C. Gielen, I.O. Shklyarevskiy, A.P.H.J. Schenning, P. C. M. Christianen and J. C. Maan: Using magnetic birefringence to determine the molecular arrangement of supramolecular nanostructures.Science and Technology of Advanced Materials, 10 (2009), 014601 (1-6)[PDF]

  7. G. Pettinari, A. Polimeni, M. Capizzi, J.H. Blokland, P. C. M. Christianen and J. C. Maan: Carrier mass measurements in degenerate indium nitride. Physical Review B, 79 (2009), 165207 (1-5)[PDF]

  8. O.V. Manyuhina, A. Fasolino, P. C. M. Christianen and M.I. Katsnelson: Topological instabilities of spherical vesicles. Physical Review E, 80 (2009), 010403 (1-4)[PDF]

  9. V. M. Fomin, V. N. Gladilin, J. T. Devreese, J.H. Blokland, P. C. M. Christianen, J. C. Maan, A. G. Taboada, D. Granados, J. M. Garcia, N.A.J.M. Kleemans, H.C.M. Van Genuchten, M. Bozkurt and P. M. Koenraad: Electronic and excitonic properties of self-assembled semiconductor quantum rings. Proc. of SPIE, 7364 (2009), 736402 (1-11)[PDF]

  10. L. Turyanska, U. Elfurawi, M. Li, M.W. Fay, N.R. Thomas, S. Mann, J.H. Blokland, P. C. M. Christianen and A. Patanè: Tailoring the physical properties of thiol-capped PbS quantum dots by thermal annealing. Nanotechnology, 20 (2009), 315604 (1-5)[PDF]

  11. A.J.M. Giesbers, U. Zeitler and J. C. Maan: Nanostructuren met een atoomkrachtmicroscoop.Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Natuurkunde, (2009), 352-355

  12. J.C. Gielen, A. Ver Heyen, S. Klyatskaya, W. Vanderlinden, S. Höger, J. C. Maan, S. de Feyter and P. C. M. Christianen: Aggregation kinetics of macrocycles detected by magnetic birefringence. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 131 (2009), 14134-14135[PDF]

  13. N.A.J.M. Kleemans, J.H. Blokland, A. G. Taboada, H.C.M. van Genuchten, M. Bozkurt, V. M. Fomin, V. N. Gladilin, D. Granados, J. M. Garcia, P. C. M. Christianen, J. C. Maan, J. T. Devreese and P. M. Koenraad: Excitonic behavior in self-assembled InAs/GaAs quantum rings in high magnetic fields. Physical Review B, 80 (2009), 155318 (1-4)[PDF]

  14. G. Lakhwani, J.C. Gielen, M. Kemerink, P. C. M. Christianen, R.A.J. Janssen and S.C.J. Meskers: Intensive chiroptical properties of chrial polyfluorenes associated with fibril formation. Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 113 (2009), 1404714051[PDF]

  15. M. van den Heuvel, A.M Prenen, J.C. Gielen, P. C. M. Christianen, D.J. Broer, D.W.P.M. Löwik and J.C.M. van Hest: Patterns of diacetylene-containing peptide amphiphiles using polarization holography. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 131 (2009), 15014-15017[PDF]

  16. J.G. Analytis, C.M.J. Andrew, A.I. Coldea, A. McCollam, J.-H. Chu, R.D. McDonald, I.R. Fisher and A. Carrington: Fermi surface of SrFe2P2 determined by the de Haas- van Alphen effect. Physical Review Letters, 103 (2009), 076401 (1-4)[PDF]

  17. A.J.M. Giesbers, L. Ponomarenko, K.S. Novoselov, A.K. Geim, M.I. Katsnelson, J. C. Maan and U. Zeitler: Gap opening in the zeroth Landau level of graphene. Physical Review B, 80 (2009), 201403 (1-4)

  18. X. Xu, A.F. Bangura, J.G. Analytis, R. Fletcher, J.D. French, M.M.J. French, N. Shannon, J. He, S. Zhang, D. Mandrus, R. Jin and N.E. Hussey: Directional field-induced metallization of quasi-one-dimensional Li0.9Mo6O17.Physical Review Letters, 102 (2009), 206602 (1-4)

  19. W.L. Noorduin, A.A.C. Bode, M. van der Meijden, H. Meekes, A.F. van Etteger, W.J.P. van Enckevort, P. C. M. Christianen, B. Kaptein, R.M. Kellogg, Th. Rasing and E. Vlieg: Complete chiral symmetry breaking of an amino acid derivative directed by circularly polarized light. Nature Chemistry, 1 (2009), 729-732 [PDF]

  20. A.J.M. Giesbers, U. Zeitler, L. Ponomarenko, R. Yang, K.S. Novoselov, A.K. Geim and J. C. Maan: Scaling of the quantum Hall plateau-plateau transition in graphene.Physical Review B, 80 (2009), 241411 (1-4) [PDF]

  21. A. Fernández-Pacheco, J. Orna, J.M. de Teresa, P.A. Algarabel, L. Morellon, J.A. Pardo, M.R. Ibarra, E. Kampert and U. Zeitler: High-field Hall effect and magnetoresistance in Fe3O4 epitaxial thin films up to 30 Tesla. Applied Physics Letters, 95 (2009), 262108 (1-3) [PDF]

  22. E. Kampert, F.F.B.J. Janssen, D.W. Boukhvalov, J.C. Russcher, J.M.M. Smits, R. de Gelder, B. de Bruin, P. C. M. Christianen, U. Zeitler, M.I. Katsnelson, J. C. Maan and A.E. Rowan: Ligand-controlled magnetic interactions in Mn4 clusters.Inorganic Chemistry, 48 (2009), 11903-11908 [PDF]

Proceedings 2009

  1. S.A.J. Wiegers, A. den Ouden, J. Rook, J.A.A.J. Perenboom, H.H.J. ten Kate, M.D. Bird, A. Bonito-Oliva and J. C. Maan: Conceptual design of the 45 T hybrid magnet at the Nijmegen High Field Magnet Laboratory MT21, Hefei, China. October 2009, IEEE Trans Applied Superconductors

  2. A. den Ouden, S.A.J. Wiegers, J.A.A.J. Perenboom, W.A.J. Wessel, H.H.J. ten Kate and J. C. Maan: Nb3Sn strand characterization for the Nijmegen 45 T hybrid magnet MT21, Hefei, China. October 2009, IEEE Trans Applied Superconductors

  3. S.A.J. Wiegers, P. C. M. Christianen, H. Engelkamp, A. den Ouden, J.A.A.J. Perenboom, U. Zeitler and J. C. Maan: The High Field Magnet Laboratory at Radboud University Nijmegen RHMF '09, Dresden, Germany. July 2009 J. Low Temp. Physics

  4. J.A.A.J. Perenboom, P.H. Frings, J. Béard, B. Bansal, F. Herlach, T. Peng and S. Zherlitsyn: Optimization of large multiple coil systems for pulsed magnets RHMF '09, Dresden, Germany. July 2009 ed., J. Low Temp. Physics

  5. M. Doerr, S. Schönecker, A. Haase, E. Kampert, J.A.A.J. Perenboom, M. Richter, M. Rotter, M.S. Kim and M. Loewenhaupt: High field magnetoelastic quantum oscillations of palladium RHMF '09, Dresden, Germany. July 2009 Springer J. Low Temp. Physics

Theses 2009

  1. F.J.P. Wijnen, Optical properties of (single) nanostructures in high magnetic fields, 17 February 2009, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, Condensed Matter Science, Promotor J.C. Maan and Co-promotor P.C.M.Christianen