HFML Publications 2012

Articles 2012

  1. N. Micali, H. Engelkamp, P.G. van Rhee, P. C. M. Christianen, L. Monsù Scolaro and J. C. Maan: Selection of supramolecular chirality by application of rotational and magnetic forces.Nature Chemistry, 4 (2012), 201-207[PDF]

  2. M. Veldhorst, M. Snelder, M. Hoek, T. Gang, V.K. Guduru, X.L. Wang, U. Zeitler, W.G. van der Wiel, A.A. Golubov, H. Hilgenkamp and A. Brinkman: Josephson supercurrent through a topological insulator surface state.Nature Materials, (2012), 1-6[PDF]

  3. H. J. van Elferen, A. Veligura, E. V. Kurganova, U. Zeitler, J. C. Maan, N. Tombros, I.J. Vera-Marun and B. J. van Wees: Field-induced quantum Hall ferromagnetism in suspended bilayer graphene.Physical Review B, 85 (2012), 115408 (1-6)[PDF]

  4. C. Putzke, A. I. Coldea, I. Guillamon, D. Vignolles, A. McCollam, D. LeBoeuf, M.D. Watson, I.I. Mazin, S. Kasahara, T. Terashima, T. Shibauchi, Y. Matsuda and A. Carrington: de Haas-van Alphen study of the Fermi surfaces of superconducting LiFeP and LiFeAs. Physical Review Letters, 108 (2012), 047002[PDF]

  5. A. Veligura, H. J. van Elferen, N. Tombros, J. C. Maan, U. Zeitler and B. J. van Wees: Transport gap in suspended bilayer graphene at zero magnetic field. Physical review B, 85 (2012), 155412 (1-8)[PDF]

  6. M. Felici, G. Pettinari, R. Carron, G. Lavenuta, E. Tartaglini, A. Polimeni, D. Fekete, P. Gallo, B. Dwir, A. Rudra, P. C. M. Christianen, J. C. Maan, M. Capizzi and E. Kapon: Magneto-optical properties of single site-controlled InGaAsN quantum wires grown on prepatterned GaAs substrates.Physical Review B, 85 (2012), 155319 (1-6)[PDF]

  7. T.G. Terentyeva, H. Engelkamp, A.E. Rowan, T. Komatsuzaki, J. Hofkens, Ch. Li and K. Blank: Dynamic disorder in single-enzyme experiments: Facts and artifacts.ACS Nano, 6 (2012), 346-354[PDF]

  8. A.I. Manzano, J.J.W.A. van Loon, P. C. M. Christianen, J.M. Gonzalez-Rubio, F.J. Medina and R. Herranz: Gravitational and magnetic field variations synergize to cause subtle variations in the global transcriptional state of Arabidopsis in vitro callus cultures.BMC Genomics, 13 (2012), 2-12[PDF]
  9. K. Penc, J. Romhányi, T. Rõõm, U. Nagel, Á. Antal, T. Fehér, A. Jánossy, H. Engelkamp, H. Murakawa, Y. Tokura, D. Szaller, S. Bordács and I. Kézsmárki: Spin-stretching modes in anistropic magnets: Spin-wave excitations in the multiferroic Ba2CoGe2O7.Physical Review Letters, 108 (2012), 257203 (1-5)[PDF]

  10. F.F. Tafti, J.J. Ishikawa, A. McCollam, S. Nakatsuji and S.R. Julian: Pressure-tuned insulator to metal transition in Eu2Ir2O7.Physical Review B, 85 (2012), 205104 (1-6)[PDF]

  11. C.M. Lock, H. Brust, M.R. van Breukelen, J. Dalmolen, M. Koeberg and D.A. Stoker: Investigation of isotopic linkages between precursor materials and the improvised high explosive product hexamethylene triperoxide diamine.Analytical Chemistry, 84 (2012), 4894-49992
  12. M. Petrushevsky, E. Lahoud, A. Ron, E. Maniv, I. Diamant, I. Neder, S. Wiedmann, V.K. Guduru, F. Chiappini, U. Zeitler, J. C. Maan, K. Chashka, A. Kanigel and Y. Dagan: Probing the surface states in Bi2Se3 using the Shubnikov-de Haas effect.Physical Review B, 86 (2012), 045131[PDF]

  13. A. den Ouden, S.A.J. Wiegers, J. Rook, J. van Velsen, J.A.A.J. Perenboom and J. C. Maan: Design of the outsert coil of the 45 T hybrid magnet at the Nijmegen High Field Magnet Laboratory.IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, 22 (2012), 4301904[PDF]

  14. S.A.J. Wiegers, J. Rook, A. den Ouden, J.A.A.J. Perenboom and J. C. Maan: Design and construction of a 38 T resistive magnet at the Nijmegen High Field Magnet Laboratory.IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, 22 (2012), 4301504[PDF]

Popular science 2012

H. Engelkamp and P. C. M. Christianen: Selectie van supramoleculaire chiraliteit.Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Natuurkunde, (2012), 176-179

Theses 2012

W.A.G. Kampert, Magnetic properties of organometallic compounds in high magnetic fields, 17 April 2012, Radboud University Nijmegen, Condensed Matter Science prof.dr.ir. J.C. Maan, prof.dr. A.E. Rowan and co-supervisors dr. U. Zeitler, dr. P.C.M. Christianen

V. I. Claessen, Alone in the dark. Time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy on single biomolecules, 21 June 2012, Radboud University Nijmegen, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, prof.dr. R.J.M. Nolte, prof.dr. A.E. Rowan and co-supervisor dr. H. Engelkamp

E. V. Kurganova, Graphene in high magnetic fields, 22 August 2012, Radboud University Nijmegen, Condensed Matter Science, Prof.dr.ir. J.C. Maan and copromotor dr. U. Zeitler