HFML Publications 2013

Articles 2013

  1. J.A.A.J. Perenboom, J. C. Maan, M.R. van Breukelen, S.a.J. Wiegers, A. den Ouden, C.A. Wulffers, W.J. van der Zande, R.T. Jongma, A.F.G. van der Meer and B. Redlich: Developments at the High Field Magnet Laboratory in Nijmegen. Journal of Low Temperature Physics, 170 (2013), 520-530[PDF]

  2. I. J. Vera-Marun, P.J. Zomer, A. Veligura, M.H.D. Guimarães, L. Visser, N. Tombros, H. J. van Elferen, U. Zeitler and B. J. van Wees: Quantum Hall transport as a probe of capacitance profile at graphene edges. Applied Physics Letters, 102 (2013), 013106[PDF]

  3. R. Herranz, R. Anken, J. Boonstra, M. Braun, P.C.M. Christianen, M.C. de Geest, J. Hauslage, R. Hilbig, R. Hill, M. Lebert, F. Javier Medina, N. Vagt, O. Ullrich, J.J.W.A. van Loon and R. Hemmersbach: Ground-based facilities for simulation of microgravity: Organism-specific recommendations for their use, and recommended terminology. Astrobiology, 13 (2013), 1-17

  4. B. Fauqué, N.P. Butch, P. Syers, J. Paglione, S. Wiedmann, A. Collaudin, B. Grena, U. Zeitler and K. Behnia: Magnetothermoelectric properties of Bi2Se3.Physical Review B, 87 (2013), 035133

  5. V. K. Guduru, A. Granados del Aguila, S. Wenderich, M.K. Kruize, A. McCollam, P.C.M. Christianen, U. Zeitler, A. Brinkman, G. Rijnders, H. Hilgenkamp and J. C. Maan: Optically excited multi-band conduction in LaAIO3/SrTiO3 heterostructures.Applied Physics Letters, 102 (2013), 051604

  6. A. Babinski, M. Potemski and P.C.M. Christianen: Optical spectroscopy on semiconductor quantum dots in high magnetic fields.C.R. Physique, 14 (2013), 121-130

  7. M. Orlita, W. Escoffier, P. Plochocka, B. Raquet and U. Zeitler: Graphene in high magnetic fields.C.R. Physique, 14 (2013), 78-93[PDF]

  8. B.N. Murdin, Juerong Li, M.L.Y. Pang, E.T. Bowyer, K.L. Litvenenko, S.K. Clowes, H. Engelkamp, C.R. Pidgeon, I. Galbraith, N.V. Abrosimov, H. Riemann, S.G. Pavlov, H.-W. Hübers and P.G. Murdin: Si:P as a laboratory analogue for hydrogen on high magnetic field white dwarf stars.Nature Communications, 4 (2013), 1469

  9. E. V. Kurganova, S. Wiedmann, A. J. M. Giesbers, R. V. Gorbachev, K. S. Novoselov, M. I. Katsnelson, T. Tudorovskiy, J. C. Maan and U. Zeitler: Quantized coexisting electrons and holes in graphene measured using temperature-dependent magnetotransport.Physical Review B, 87 (2013), 085447

  10. G.L. Yu, R. Jalil, B. Belle, S. Mayorov, P. Blake, F. Schedin, S. V. Morozov, L.A. Ponomarenko, F. Chiappini, S. Wiedmann, U. Zeitler, M. I. Katsnelson, A. K. Geim, K. S. Novoselov and D. C. Elias: Interaction phenomena in graphene seen through quantum capacitance.PNAS, 110 (2013), 3282-3286[PDF]

  11. M. Liebi, P. G. van Rhee, P.C.M. Christianen, J. Kohlbrecher, P. Fischer, P. Walde and E.J. Windhab: Alignment of bicelles studied with high-field magnetic birefringence and small-angle neutron scattering measurements.Langmuir, 29 (2013), 3467-3473

  12. A.M. van Buul, E. Schwartz, P. Brocorens, M. Koepf, D. Beljonne, J. C. Maan, P.C.M. Christianen, P.H.J. Kouwer, R.J.M. Nolte, H. Engelkamp, K. Blank and A. E. Rowan: Stiffness versus architecture of single helical polyiocyanopeptidest. Chemical Science, (2013), 50552[PDF]

  13. O.V. Manyuhina, G. Tordini, W. Bras, J. C. Maan and P.C.M. Christianen: Doubly periodic instability pattern in a smectic-A liquid crystal.Physical Review E, 87 (2013), 050501[PDF]

  14. D. Kamenskyi, H. Engelkamp, T. Fischer, M. Uhlarz, J. Wosnitza, B.P. Gorshunov, G.A. Komandin, A.S. Prokhorov, M. Dressel, A.A. Bush, V.I. Torgashev and A. V. Pronin: Observation of an intersublattice exchange magnon in CoCr2O4 and analysis of magnetic ordering.Physical Review B, 87 (2013), 134423

  15. G. Pettinari, A. Polimeni, M. Capizzi, H. Engelkamp, P.C.M. Christianen, J. C. Maan, A. Patanè and T. Tiedje: Effects of Bi incorporation on the electronic properties of GaAs: Carrier masses, hole mobility, and Bi-induced acceptor states.Physica Status Solidi B, 250 (2013), 779-786[PDF]

  16. R. Herranz, A.I. Manzano, J.J.W.A. van Loon, P.C.M. Christianen and F.J. Medina: Proteomic signature of Arabidopsis cell cultures exposed to magnetically induced hyper- and microgravity environments.Astrobiology, 13 (2013), 217-224

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  18. P. Plochocka, A.A. Mitioglu, D. K. Maude, G.L.J.A. Rikken, A. Granados del Aguila, P.C.M. Christianen, P. Kacman and Hadas Shtrikman: High Magnetic Field Reveals the Nature of Excitons in a Single GaAs/AlAs Core/Shell Nanowire.Nano Letters, 13 (2013), 2442-2447[PDF]

  19. U. Nagel, R.S. Fishman, T. Katuwal, H. Engelkamp, D. Talbayev, Hee Taek Yi, S-W. Cheong and T. Rõõm: Terahertz spectroscopy of spinwaves in multiferroic BiFeO3 in high magnetic fields.Physical Review Letters, 110 (2013), 257201[PDF]

  20. A. McCollam, B. Andraka and S.R. Julian: Fermi volume as a probe of hidden order.Physical Review B, 88 (2013), 075102[PDF]

  21. V. K. Guduru, A. McCollam, J. C. Maan and U. Zeitler: Multi-band conduction behaviour at the interface of LaAIO3/SrTiO3.Journal of the Korean Physical Society, 63 (2013), 437-440

  22. P. G. van Rhee, P. Zijlstra, T.G.A. Verhagen, J. Aarts, M. I. Katsnelson, J. C. Maan, M. Orrit and P. C. M. Christianen: Giant magnetic susceptibility of gold nanorods detected by magnetic alignment Physical Review Letters, 111 (2013), 127202[PDF]

  23. H. J. van Elferen, A. Veligura, N. Tombros, E. V. Kurganova, B. J. van Wees, J. C. Maan and U. Zeitler: Fine structure of the lowest Landau level in suspended trilayer graphene.Physical Review B, 88 (2013), 121302[PDF]

  24. A.F. Bangura, X. Xu, N. Wakeham, N. Peng, S. Horii and N.E. Hussey: The Wiedemann-Franz law in the putative one-dimensional metallic phase of PrBa2Cu4O8.Scientific Reports, 3 (2013), 3261

  25. M. Liebi, S. Kuster, J. Kohlbrecher, T. Ishikawa, P. Fischer, P. Walde and E.J. Windhab: Cholesterol-Diethylenetriaminepentaacetate complexed with thulium ions integrated into bicelles to increase their magnetic alignability.Physical Chemistry, 117 (2013), 14743-14748

  26. J. Vanacken, T. Peng, J.A.A.J. Perenboom, F. Herlach and V.V. Moshchalkov: The renewed KU Leuven pulsed field facility Journal of Low Temperature Physics, 170 (2013), 553-561[PDF]

  27. L.W. van Heeringen, G. de Wijs, A. McCollam, J. C. Maan and A. Fasolino: k.p. subband structure of the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface Physical Review B, 88 (2013), 205140[PDF]

  28. E. Lahoud, E. Maniv, M. Shaviv, M. Petrushevsky, M. Naamneh, A. Ribak, S. Wiedmann, L. Petaccia, Z. Salman, K.B. Chashka, Y. Dagan and A. Kanigel: Evolution of the Fermi surface of a doped topological insulator with carrier concentration.Physical Review B, 88 (2013), 195107

  29. I.A. Larkin, S. Ujevic, S. Wiedmann, N.C. Mamani, G. M. Gusev, A.K. Bakarov and J. C. Portal: Shubnikov-de Haas effect in tilted magnetic fields in wide quantum well.Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 456 (2013), 012025

  30. V. K. Guduru, A. McCollam, A. Jost, S. Wenderich, H. Hilgenkamp, J. C. Maan, A. Brinkman and U. Zeitler: Thermally excited multiband conduction in LaAlO3/SrTiO3 heterostructures exhibiting magnetic scattering.Physical Review B, 88 (2013), 242301 (R)

  31. Theses 2013

    H. J. van Elferen, Magneto-transport properties of (multilayer) graphene: The lowest Landau level in high magnetic fields, 9 Januari 2013, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, Condensed Matter Science, Prof.dr. ir. J.C. Maan and co-supervisor dr. U. Zeitler

    M. De Luca, A. Polimeni, M. Capizzi, A.J. Meaney, P. C. M. Christianen, J. C. Maan, F. Mura, S. Rubini and F. Martelli: Determination of exciton reduced mass and gyromagnetic factor of wurtzite (InGa)As nanowires by photoluminescence spectroscopy under high magnetic fields.ACS Nano, 7 (2013), 10717-10725