Articles 2019

  1. A. I. Coldea, S. F. Blake, S. Kasahara, A.A. Haghighirad, M.D. Watson, W. Knafo, E.S. Choi, A. McCollam, P. Reiss, T. Yamashita, M. Bruma, S.C. Speller, Y. Matsuda, T. Wolf, T. Shibauchi and A.J. Schofield: Evolution of the low-temperature Fermi surface of superconducting FeSe1−xSx across a nematic phase transition. npj Quantum Materials 2 (2019) - [PDF]

  2. S. Pezzini, S. Wiedmann, A. Mishchenko, M. Holwill, R.   Gorbachev, D. Ghazaryan, K. S. Novoselov and U. Zeitler: Field-induced insulating states in a graphene superlattice. Physical Review B, Editor's Suggestion 99 (2019), 045440 - [PDF]

  3. B-C. Lin, S. Wang, S. Wiedmann, J-M. Lu, W-Z Zheng, D. Yu and Z-M. Liao:

    Observation of an Odd-Integer Quantum Hall Effect from Topological Surface States in Cd3As2. Physical Review Letters 122 (2019), 036602 - [PDF]

  4. C.Q. Xu, B. Li, M.R. van Delft, W.H. Jiao, W. Zhou, B. Qian, N.D. Zhigadlo, D. Qian, R. Sankar, N.E. Hussey and X. Xu: Extreme magnetoresistance and pressure-induced superconductivity in the topological semimetal candidate YBi. Physical Review B 99 (2019), 024110

  5. T. Khouri, S. Pezzini, M. Bendias, P. Leubner, U. Zeitler, N.E. Hussey, H. Buhmann, L. W. Molenkamp, M. Titov and S. Wiedmann: Magnetoresistance in the in-plane magnetic field induced semimetallic phase of inverted HgTe quantum wells. Physical Review B 99 (2019), 075303 - [PDF]

  6. S.D. Das, S. Kundu, Z. Zhu, E. Mun, R.D. McDonald, G. Li, L. Balicas, A. McCollam, G. Cao, J.G. Rau, H-Y. Kee, V. Tripathi and S.E. Sebastian: Magnetic anisotropy of the alkali iridate Na2IrO3 at high magnetic fields: Evidence for strong ferromagnetic Kitaev correlations. Physical Review B Rapid Communication 99 (2019), 081101 - [PDF]

  7. S. Licciardello, J. Buhot, J. Lu, J. Ayres, S. Kasahara, Y. Matsuda, T. Shibauchi and N.E. Hussey: Electrical resistivity across a nematic quantum critical point. Nature 567 (2019), 213-217 - [PDF]

  8. J. Viirok, U. Nagel, T. Rõõm, D.G. Farkas, P. Balla, D. Szaller, V. Kocsis, Y. Tokunaga, Y. Taguchi, Y. Tokura, B Bernáth, D. Kamenskyi, I. Kézsmárki, S. Bordács and K. Penc: Directional dichroism in the paramagnetic state of multiferroics: A case study of infrared light absorption in Sr2CoSi2O7 at high temperatures. Physical Review B 99 (2019), 014410 - [PDF]

  9. I.R. Dixon, T.A. Adkins, M.D. Bird, M. Hoffmann, J. A. A. J. Perenboom, C.A. Wulffers, A. den Ouden and N.E. Hussey: Fabrication of the Nb3Sn/Cu CICC Coil and Cold Mass for the Radboud University HFML 45 T Hybrid Magnet. IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity 29 (2019), 4300204 -[PDF]

  10. A. Mitioglu, S. Anghel, M. V. Ballottin, K. Sushkevich, L. Kulyuk and P.C.M. Christianen: Anomalous rotation of the linearly polarized emission of bright excitons in strained WSe2 monolayers under high magnetic fields. Physical Review B 99 (2019), 155414 - [PDF]

  11. D. Tedeschi, M. De Luca, P.E. Faria Junior, A. Granados del Aguila, Q. Gao, H.H. Tan, B.  Scharf, P.C.M. Christianen, C. Jagadish, J. Fabian and A. Polimeni: Unusual spin properties of InP wurtzite nanowires revealed by Zeeman splitting spectroscopy. Physical Review B 99 (2019), 161204 - [PDF]

  12. A.M.R.V.L. Monteiro, M. Vivek, D. Groenendijk, P. Bruneel, I. Leermakers, U. Zeitler, M. Gabay and A. Caviglia: Band inversion driven by electronic correlations at the (111) LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface. Physical Review B 99 (2019), 201102(R) - [PDF]

  13. N. Kumar, Y. Sun, M. Nicklas, S.J. Watzman, O. Young, I. Leermakers, J. Hornung, J. Klotz, J. Gooth, K. Manna, V. Süß, S.N. Guin, T. Förster, M. Schmidt, L. Muechler, B. Yan, P. Werner, W. Schnelle, U. Zeitler, J. Wosnitza, S.P. Parkin, C. Felser and C. Shekhar: Extremely high conductivity observed in the triple point topological metal MoP. Nature Communications 10 (2019), 2475  - [PDF]

  14. M. Keshavarz, M. Ottesen, S. Wiedmann, M. Wharmby, R Küchler, H. Yuan, E. Debroye, J.A. Steele, J. Martens, N.E. Hussey, M. Bremholm, M.B.J. Roeffaers and J. Hofkens: Tracking Structural Phase Transitions in Lead-Halide Perovskites by Means of Thermal Expansion. Advanced Materials 31 (2019), 1900521[PDF]

  15. W. Zhou, B. Li, C.Q. Xu, M.D. van Delft, Y. G. Chen, X.C. Fan, B. Qian, N.E. Hussey and X. Xu: Nonsaturating Magnetoresistance and Nontrivial Band Topology of Type-II Weyl Semimetal NbIrTe4. Advanced Electronic Materials 2019 (2019), 1900250

  16. L. Peedu, V. Kocsis, D. Szaller, J. viirok, U. Nagel, T. Rõõm, D.G. Farkas, S. Bordács, D. Kamenskyi, U. Zeitler, Y. Tokunaga, Y. Taguchi, Y. Tokura and I. Kézsmárki: Spin excitations of magnetoelectric LiNiPO4 in multiple magnetic phases. Physical Review B Editor's Suggestion 100 (2019), 024406 - [PDF]

  17. J. Lu, X. Xu, M. Greenblatt, R. Jin, P. Tinnemans, S. Licciardello, M.R. van Delft, J. Buhot, P. Chudzinski and N.E. Hussey: Emergence of a real-space symmetry axis in the magnetoresistance of the one-dimensional conductor Li0.9Mo6O17. Science Advances 5 (7) (2019), eaar8027 - [PDF]

  18. L. Rossi, A Bobel, S. Wiedmann, R Küchler, Y. Motome, K. Penc, N. Shannon, H. Ueda and B. Bryant: Negative Thermal Expansion in the Plateau State of a Magnetically Frustrated Spinel. Physical Review Letters 123 (2019), 027205 - [PDF]

  19. U. Khanna, P.K. Rout, M. Mograbi, G. Tuvia, I. Leermakers, U. Zeitler, Y. Dagan and M. Goldstein: Symmetry and Correlation Effects on Band Structure Explain the Anomalous Transport Properties of (111) LaAIO3 / SrTiO3. Physical Review Letters 123 (2019), 036805 - [PDF]

  20. A. Brodu, V. Chandrasekaran, L. Scarpelli, J. Buhot, F. Masia, M. V. Ballottin, M. Severijnen, M.D. Tessier, D. Dupont, F.T. Rabouw, P.C.M. Christianen, C. De Mello Donega, D. Vanmaekelbergh, W. Langbein and Z. Hens: Fine Structure of Nearly Isotropic Bright Excitons in InP/ZnSe Colloidal Quantum Dots. The journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 10 (2019), 5468 - 5475

  21. S. Licciardello, N. Maksimovic, J. Ayres, J. Buhot, M. Čulo, B. Bryant, S. Kasahara, Y. Matsuda, T. Shibauchi, V. Nagarajan, J.G. Analytis and N.E. Hussey: Coexistence of orbital and quantum critical magnetoresistance in FeSe1−xSx. Physical Review Research 1 (2019), 023011 - [PDF]

  22. A. Brodu, M.D. Tessier, D. Canneson, D. Dupont, M. V. Ballottin, P.C.M. Christianen, C. De Mello Donega, Z. Hens, D. Yakovlev, M. Bayer, D. vanmaekelbergh and L. Biadala: Hyperfine Interactions and Slow Spin Dynamics in Quasi-isotropic InP-based Core/ Shell Colloidal Nanocrystals. ACS Nano 13 (2019), 10201 - 10209 - [PDF]

  23. R. Pandya, V. Steinmetz, Y. Puttisong, M. Dufour, W.M. Chen, R.Y.S. Chen, T. Barisien, A. Sharma, G. Lakhwani, A. Mitioglu, P.C.M. Christianen, L. Legrand, F. Bernardot, C. Testelin, A.W. Chin, S. Ithurria, M. Chamarro and A. Rao: Fine Structure and Spin Dynamics of Linearly Polarized Indirect Excitons in Two- Dimensional CdSe/CdTe Colloidal Heterostructures. ACS Nano 13 (2019), 10140 - 10153 - [PDF]

  24. E.A. Mashkovich, K.A. Grishunin, R.V. Mikhaylovskiy, A.K. Zvezdin, R.V. Pisarev, M.B. Strugatsky, P.C.M. Christianen, Th. Rasing and A.V. Kimel: Terahertz Optomagnetism: Terahertz Optomagnetism: Nonlinear THz Excitation of GHz Spin Waves in Antiferromagnetic FeBO3. Physical Review Letters 123 (2019), 157202 - [PDF]

  25. A. Pogrebna, K. Prabhakara, M. Davydova, B. Becker, A. Tsukamoto, T. Rasing, A. Kirilyuk, A.K. Zvezdin, P.C.M. Christianen and A.V. Kimel: High-field anomalies of equilibrium and ultrafast magnetism in rare-earth–transition-metal ferrimagnets. Physical Review B 100 (2019), 174427 - [PDF]

  26. J.-R. Soh, F. de Juan, M.G. Vergniory, N.B.M. Schröter, M.C. Rahn, D.Y. Yan, J. Jiang, M. Bristow, P.A. Reiss, J.N. Blandy, Y.F. Guo, Y.G. Shi, T.K. Kim, A. McCollam, S.H. Simon, Y. Chen, A. I. Coldea and A.T. Boothroyd: Ideal Weyl semimetal induced by magnetic exchange. Physical Review B Editor's Suggestion 100 (019), 201102(R) - [PDF]

  27. S. Barsaume, E.A. Mashkovich, K.A. Grishunin, A.V. Telegin, Y.P. Sukhorukov, P.C.M. Christianen, Th. Rasing and A.V. Kimel: Terahertz modulation of the Cotton-Mouton effect. J. Physics: Conf. Series 1389 (2019), 012040 - [PDF]

  28. P. Nagler, F. Mooshammer, J. Kunstmann, M. V. Ballottin, A. Mitioglu, A. Chernikov, A. Chaves, F. Stein, N. Paradiso, S. Meier, G. Plechinger, C. Strunk, R. Huber, G. Seifert, D.R. Reichman, P.C.M. Christianen, C. Schüller and T. Korn: Interlayer Excitons in Transition-Metal Dichalcogenide Heterobilayers. Physica Status Solidi (b) (2019), 190030 - [PDF]

  29. R. Córdoba, D. Mailly, R.O. Rezaev, E.I. Smirnova, O.G. Schmidt, V. M. Fomin, U. Zeitler, I. Guillamón, H. Suderow and J.M. De Teresa: Three-Dimensional Superconducting Nanohelices Grown by He+‑Focused-Ion-Beam Direct Writing. Nano Letters 19 (2019), 8597 - 8604 - [PDF]

  30. M. Čulo, Tafra. E., B. Mihaljević, M. Basletić, M. Kuveždić, T. Ivek, A. Hamzić, S. Tomić, T. Hiramatsu, Y. Yoshida, G. Saito, J.A. Schlueter, M. Dressel and B. Korin-Hamzić: Hall effect study of the κ-(ET)2X family: evidence for Mott-Anderson localization. Physical Review B 99 (2019), 045114 

  31. J. Klotz, K. Götze, T. Förster, J.A.N. Bruin, J. Wosnitza, K.  Weber, M. Schmidt, W. Schnelle, C. Geibel, U.K. Rößler and H. Rosner: Electronic band structure and proximity to magnetic ordering in the chiral cubic compound CrGe. Physical Review B 99 (2019), 085130 - [PDF]

Popular science 2019

N.E. Hussey: The Allure of Linearity. Fields Science, Discovery & Magnetism Spring 2019 (2019)

H.H.J. Ten Kate, A. Den Ouden and D. Schoerling: The UT-CERN Cos-theta LHC-Type Nb3Sn Dipole Magnet. Nb3Sn Accelerator Magnets - Designs, Technologies and Performance (editors Daniel Schoerling and Alexander V. Zlobin) Chapter 5 (2019)

Thesis 2019

I. Leermakers, Electronic properties of new materials in high magnetic fields: oxide heterostructures and Weyl-semimetals, 10 May 2019, Radboud University, Nijmegen, Nijmegen the Netherlands, Prof. dr. U. Zeitler and dr. A. McCollam

M.D. van Delft, Emergent phenomena in Weyl, nodal-line and one-dimensional semimetals, 4 June 2019, Radboud University, Nijmegen, Nijmegen the Netherlands, Prof.dr. N.E. Hussey and co-supervisors: Dr. S.A. Wiedmann and Dr. A. McCollam

S. Licciardello, Quantum criticality and superconductivity in the electron nematic FeSe1-xSx, 30 September 2019,  Radboud University, Nijmegen, Nijmegen the Netherlands, Prof.dr. N.E. Hussey

M. Shahrokhvand, Magneto-Resistance and Thermoelectric Power of Conventional and Topological Materials, 2 October 2019,  Nijmegen, Radboud University, Nijmegen the Netherlands, Prof.dr. N.E. Hussey, Prof.dr. U. Zeitler and co-supervisor: Dr. S.A. Wiedmann