Access to the facility

Do you want to use our high field magnets for your research? External researchers can use all the unique equipment and setups we have to offer. There are several possibilities for scientists and commercial use. Bear in mind that there might be restrictions due to COVID-19.


Scientist can apply for magnet time by submitting a proposal. We have one application process together with the other three European high field magnet labs. There are two deadlines each year: May 15 and November 15.
If you are granted access, you can use the installation and all available auxiliary equipment. If necessary you get support from our staff. Our secretariat can help with local arrangements (accommodation, visa, travel, etc.)
For more information and the application form, visit the website of the European Magnet Field Laboratory.

Commercial use

For customers from industry, we provide the possibility to directly buy experimental time at the magnets. You can use it to advance your R&D program across a range of sectors including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and engineering. Please contact Martine Heiligers for more information.

Combination free-electron lasers

Combining the radiation of the FELIX lasers with the continuous high magnetic fields of the HFML creates exiting new opportunities. However, not all desired experiments are feasible. When you want to use the set-up, your plans have to be complete, detailed, and it needs to be 100% obvious why their desired experiment should be performed here and not anywhere else in the world. The dedicated installation is quite expensive to use and we are still working on having it running perfectly. Therefore, it is essential to contact Hans Engelkamp  (HFML-FELIX team) before submitting an application for beam time and magnet time. In this way, they can advise and assist you on your project plan and increase the chance of success.

HFML shift schedule

For users, a regular HFML shift schedule (pdf, 107 kB) is available (click to download)

More information

If you encounter any problems or if you have questions/suggestions, please contact us at HFML-FELIX