Advanced source: THz and IR radiation

The FLARE laser is connected to our high fields.

Frequency range

7-3600 cm-1, 0.25-120 THz, 2.7-1500 micron

Field range

Up to 33 T

Typical experiment

The unique tunability of the FELIX lasers is a big advantage for the resonance experiments, as it allows to study resonance properties of solids over a unique range of frequencies and magnetic fields.

Another advantage of the FELIX lasers is the huge power of the radiation they provide. We have successfully realized photoluminescence measurements synchronized with THz pumping, by studying the evolution of the photoluminescence signal after perturbation by the THz pulses.

Magnetotransmission measurements in the Faraday and Voight configurations are offered to users, as well as (limited) reflectivity. Pump-probe experiments are developed.


Local contact

Hans Engelkamp