Grant application Béatrice Bonga in the Open Competition Domain Science-M programme approved

Date of news: 13 September 2022

Last summer the grant application of Dr Béatrice Bonga in the Open Competition Domain Science-M programme has been approved by The NWO Domain Board Science.

Beatrice Bonga 3

We congratulate Béatrice with this great result.

Observing resonating black holes with gravitational waves.

Until recently, astrophysicists observed our universe solely through light. Gravitational waves are a new tool. LISA is a future gravitational-wave observatory in space to observe gravitational waves from massive black holes orbited by small black holes or stars. When another body is nearby, resonances can occur in gravitational waves. This proposal studies these resonances because they contain information about the nearby objects and clues about the growth of black holes and galaxy formation. Additionally, correctly accounting for these resonances is necessary to perform precision tests of gravity and distinguish between resonances and deviations from general relativity.