WiNSt Education Award for Physics and Astronomy 2021 for Timothy Budd (HEP)

Date of news: 25 January 2022

Last year, Timothy Budd was awarded the WiNSt Education Award for Physics and Astronomy. This award is all about the appreciation from the students towards the winner, a lecturer who is willing to go the extra mile (or meter, it is physics after all), while giving their lectures. Especially in a year like last year, teaching was quite challenging. Trying to keep students interested and invested, while they experience all the distractions that arise from being at home all the time, can be difficult. However, students noticed that many teachers have tried their best to keep the attention on the lectures.

Timothy has done so as well. He lectures both bachelor and master students. And all of these students gave him much appreciation because of the way he has given his lectures in such a difficult time. He grasped the attention of the students with his enthusiasm and by making the students understand the topic well. He aimed at interacting with the students even though these students seemed to be nothing more than virtual blips on a computer screen. Instead of throwing questions around in a zoom meeting, hoping to get a response from anyone, he tried to walk a different route by giving short polls about insightful questions. Therefore, he kept the interactions with his students accessible, which meant that the information was better received.

Through these small but important changes, he gave the students a more interesting lecture and ensured that more students paid attention and got less distracted, while at the same time not scaring them away with non-accessible questions.

For example, in his lectures on Quantum Mechanics, he achieved to excite and motivate all his students throughout the entire course and long after. He ensured a pleasant learning environment where people felt more comfortable and curious about the topics at hand. Among other things, it are these aspects that left an all-around positive sentiment towards Timothy and the courses he teaches.

Therefore, on behalf of all the Physics and Astronomy Students, many congratulations to Timothy on winning the Education Award for Physics and Astronomy.

Based on the speech given by Tycho Jongens, chair of S.V. Marie Curie