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Personal Experience

'You don't just learn about a subject; you also develop a whole set of skills'

Jonas Kool
'With the aim of broadening his knowledge and further developing his skills in the professional field, second-year Business Administration student Jonas Kool embarked on one of the Nijmegen School of Management’s honours programmes' Read more>

Jelle Reitsema'The advantage of this faculty’s honours programme is that it is also interdisciplinary'

Jelle Reitsema
'Five years ago, Jelle, a Master's student in Economic Geography, chose to take the Bachelor programme Geography, Planning and Environment. And since he felt it would be interesting to learn more about doing in-depth research, he applied for the Honours Programme at Nijmegen School of Management' Read more>

Sam de Muijnck'The classical approach to economics still dominates'

Sam de Muijnck
'Sam de Muijnck doesn't pay much attention to conventions and doesn't allow himself to be dictated to. Instead of playing football, like many of his peers, Sam was a fanatical breakdancer. As a student, he took a more activist approach, fighting for alternative ways of thinking in the national Economics study programmes.' Read more>

Ben Honours Programme Management'I enjoy the opportunity to broaden my horizons in this programme'

Ben van Enk
'Ben van Enk is a second-year Political Science student. In his first study year he felt that he wanted to take on an extra challenge alongside his studies. He decided to apply for the Honours Programme of the Nijmegen School of Management.' Read more>

Suzie'What really appealed to me was that there were students with different academic backgrounds working together'

Suzie Bernards
'Suzie Bernards, third-year Business Administration student, heard about the redesigned Management Honours Programme, decided to take on the challenge, and applied for the programme.' Read more>

Boaz Honours Programme Management'This honours programme allowed me to gain a thorough insight into the world of academia and especially research'

Boaz de Rooij
'During his Bachelor’s Programme in Political Science, Boaz was searching for a place where he could broaden his academic interest. That is why he applied for the faculty-based Honours Programme of the Nijmegen School of Management.' Read more>