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You are in charge

The Individual Honours Programme centers around your personal research project. This is your chance to investigate that one dream subject for which you don’t have space in your regular study programme. You decide on the topic, we find you the best supervisor to succeed.

Flying start: Intensive Week

To help you get off to a flying start, we organize an Intensive Week in the beginning of the summer. The Intensive Week starts directly after your end-of-year exams. The goal is for you to come up with a solid research topic and plan.

After the summer you will be able to start immediately with your project, even if you are studying abroad. You hand in your end product just before the start of the next academic year. So, in all, your Individual Honours Project takes slightly longer than one academic year.

Can you not attend the Intensive Week in July? But are you convinced that you can come up with your topic and plan on your own? Do not hesitate to try and convince us too, and maybe you can still start your own Individual Honours Programme.

Optional: Science and Society study days

Are you looking to broaden your horizon besides working on your own research projects? You are free to join students from various Honours Programmes who get together during two Science and Society study days. You will discuss questions like “What connects us as academics?” and “What is good science?” A great way to reflect on your own role in society: who do you want to be? And to connect with your fellow honours students.

Creative end product

You will present your findings in a scientific end product. How would you like to reach the general audience? You decide which form fits your own research project best. For example, you can write a popular scientific article or a conference paper, make a (short) movie or documentary, or create a teaching case or a website.

Related topics can lead to very different end products. Are you curious to see how? Check out this documentary on sanctions against Russia. Or this website on several cases of international sanctions.

Boost your skills

You continuously improve your skills while working on your research project: academic research skills, project management skills and debating skills. But that’s not all! The Individual Honours Programme is your chance to select additional courses that will help you complete your personal research project. For example, learn how to create amazing videos, or take a university course that revolves around your research topic or teaches you the right research methodology.

Moreover, you will pick two elective skills modules developed for all honours students at Radboud University. For example, if you want to get better at talking in front of an audience, go for “Presenting skills”. If you are a writer, improve your essay writing skills in the “Effective essays” course.

Giving Back

Honours students get plenty of opportunities for personal growth. One of these opportunities is that you learn to apply your talents for the good of society. You will share the knowledge and skills that you acquired in the honours programme with your local community. For example by going to secondary schools or nursing homes, or by joining projects that focus on urban or sustainability challenges.