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Higher Education for Everyone

The composition of Dutch society is constantly changing. Society has become more diverse compared to decades ago. The same applies to higher education, where more and more international students and people with a migration background study and work. The population has also become more diverse in terms of religion and gender. This raises the question of how institutes for higher education account for this, in terms of recruitment & information, the curriculum, cultural and sports provision, study guidance and psychological support, etc. Answers to these questions sometimes evoke fierce social and political reactions. Think about influx of international students, gender-neutral toilets and decolonisation of the curriculum.

In this project, students look at how higher education and other stakeholders should deal with these developments.

More information follows soon.

Kick-off weekend
The kick-off weekend of this think tank will be in October (exact dates will be announced later).

Weekly meetings
After the kick-off, weekly meetings will take place on Thursday from 18.30-20.30.

Study trip
A study trip lasting up to three or four days is also part of this think tank. The dates and location will be determined in consultation with the group.

Prof. dr. Esther-Mirjam Sent