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Artificial Intelligence has a seemingly infinite number of applications. What are state-of-the-art examples of these applications? What does AI bring to different fields? And what are the moral implications of AI in these areas? As an Artificial Intelligence honours student, you want to get to the bottom of these questions. And explore what you have to offer in a world that is increasingly relying on computers and algorithms.

Year 1: Topics in Artificial Intelligence

Semester 1: Seminar course

During the first semester of the Artificial Intelligence honours programme you will take the seminar course ‘Topics in Artificial Intelligence’. It consists of a series of guest lectures by inspiring teachers and researchers from different disciplines. Together, you will go beyond the boundaries of the regular AI curriculum and explore a broad variety of Artificial Intelligence applications. The course covers topics like: ‘AI and a sustainable future’, ‘Ethics of new technologies in healthcare’, ‘AI applications for behavioural change’ and ‘AI applications in the legal domain’.

Semester 2: Individual research proposal

In your second honours semester, you will work on your own individual research proposal. You are free to select your research topic: follow up on one of the topics discussed in the seminar course or pick another subject that sparks your interest. The Topics in Artificial Intelligence course coordinator will supervise you and guide you in defining your research questions and writing your proposal.

Artificial Intelligence honours symposium

We close the first year of the Artificial Intelligence honours programme with a symposium. You will present your research proposal to a jury. And practice your academic skills when you answer their questions, as if you were defending your PhD thesis. The symposium is open to your friends and family. A perfect occasion to show them what you and your fellow honours students are working on. And for you to learn from and get inspired by your colleagues.

Skills module

In the seminar course and while working on your research proposal, you will develop all kinds of professional and academic skills. On top of this, you will select one of the Radboud Honours Academy skills modules. You will connect with fellow honours students from other faculties. And you will focus on a specific skill that you wish to develop further, such as storytelling, debating or creative writing.

Year 2: individual research project

As a second year Artificial Intelligence honours student, you take on an extra challenge when you write your Bachelor’s thesis. In fact, you will put in twice the normal study load. This allows you to go beyond the regular criteria and really dig deep into your research topic. It is your chance to work on your topic of choice with the guidance of an experienced researcher.

University wide exchange of ideas

In your second year, you will also select another skills module from the Radboud Honours Academy. And you will participate in two study days where honours students from all faculties get together to study a major topic in science and society. You will bring you Artificial Intelligence perspective to the table and discuss implications with honours students from a wide variety of backgrounds. A great opportunity to expand your professional network.

Honours certificate

The Artificial Intelligence honours programme will help you develop your academic and professional skills. You will gain a broad understanding of the possibilities of AI. And of your role as an AI expert in our world that is depending more and more on computers and algorithms. Once you have met the programme criteria, you will receive your very own honours certificate during a special ceremony with the Programme Director of AI and your fellow Artificial Intelligence honours students.