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Personal Experience

'Vibing with Vaporwave: Melchior's project'

Melchior Philips
You may know it: vaporwave. It is a microgenre of music that was especially popular on the internet in the 2010s. Melchior Philips has taken a closer look at this genre for his Honours Project. “I am working on an online exhibition in a video game.” Read more >

'I really feel that it’s my mission to make philosophy accessible to a wider audience'

Noortje Schonck
Since childhood, philosophy student Noortje has always been fascinated by philosophy. “There’s a picture of me as a two-year-old where I’ve got one of Sartre’s books on my lap.” During the regular courses in her study programme, Noortje realised that she sought greater depth and that she was looking for more of a challenge. The opportunity to work on a project within her area of interest through the Humanities Honours Programme fulfilled her wish perfectly. Read more >

Tallyne Vasconcelos Souza Gomes
In this podcast, I will discuss my experience in reading John Rawls, a well-known philosopher in the liberal tradition, with a decolonial perspective. My aim is to show that what he calls justice, fairness, and equality actually only serves a few people, and allows for the perpetuation of epistemic oppression, that is: the exclusion of a great part of the population from producing and engaging with knowledge. Read more >