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Your dream research project

The honours programme 'Your own research project' is the perfect opportunity to conduct your dream research project. In a tailored programme, you will work on your own research project. This project will form the core of your personalised honours programme for one-and-a-half year, which you will have two years to complete, so that you also have room for other activities besides your studies. The number of hours you spend on your honours project will vary. On average, this will be around six hours a week. You will largely be able to schedule your time as you wish.

A final product specific to you

You determine the form of your scientific final product. It could be an article, a website, etc. You can even organise a symposium or exhibition. Some students write and act in their own adaptation of a play. Others write a book or a movie script. In short, the programme offers a lot of room for creativity. Here you can see some examples.

Individually, but not alone

During the honours programme you will regularly work independently on your research project. However, you will not be a solo participant in the programme. You will kick off both years of this honours programme with a study day, together with other honours students. The programme concludes with a shared final symposium where you will present your final product.

Evening sessions have been scheduled throughout the year. You will work on writing your own research plan in groups, under the guidance of an academic researcher. You will also have a monthly peer review meeting. Here you will discuss your progress and reflect on your work method.

In addition, you will choose three skills modules such as a workshop in storytelling, personal directorship, or debating.

Tailored programme

This honours programme is shaped according to your interests and needs. That starts, of course, with your choice of research topic. But it also applies to the content of your programme. For instance, you can choose the individual training courses you need for your research. Or you can visit a conference or archives if this helps you. You can carry out your research fully or partly abroad.

During your research project, you will have an academic supervisor who brainstorms with you about the content and direction of your research. Your supervisor is an expert in your research field and helps you to make the right choices.

Coaching and guidance

In addition to being an academic supervisor, you will have a coach from the Radboud Honours Academy. Your coach will pay a lot of attention to your personal development. Together, you will create a personal training plan. Together you will discuss which academic skills you want to develop, but also what your schedule is and where your main challenges and pitfalls lie.

Over the course of your research programme, you will have a number of progress discussions with your coach. In this way, your coach will guide you in following your personal training plan.

Honours certificate

This honours programme will give you a lot of in-depth knowledge. You will develop your academic and professional skills. Once you have met all the programme criteria, you will receive a special honours certificate.