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Skills modules 2022 - 2023

The skills modules listed below are offered in the first semester and taught by specialist lecturers. A module consists of four to five evening meetings, usually complemented with study assignments, and is concluded with a final assignment.

Presenteren en Storytelling

Een beetje saai, dat zijn veel wetenschappelijke presentaties. Waarom? Omdat ze vaak dezelfde structuur en stijl hanteren. Namelijk die van een wetenschappelijk artikel. Het kan ook anders.

Presenting Posters & Pitching

Would you like to become more effective at selling your ideas, yourself and broadening your professional network? In this course, you will learn how modern academics use poster presentations to bring their ideas to a wider audience and develop professional relationships.

Scientific Writing for a Lay Audience

In this information age, it has never been more important for scientists and  academics to learn to communicate new scientific findings in a clear and engaging way.

Speedy and Strategic Reading

Although all students can read, not everyone is able to use speed reading techniques and read strategically. If you’d like to study more efficiently, being able to speed read is a useful skill to have.

Effective Essays

What makes some academic papers so dull and hard to follow? Often it is the lack of a well-structured argument. Insights and ideas that emerge from research and discussion have to be ordered in a logical way so that others can grasp them and respond to them.

Presentation Skills

Knowing how to present your ideas in a convincing and appealing way is a critical skill for scientists and professionals alike. The most successful academics know how to express their ideas in a clear, expert manner.