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Personal experiences

In a think tank, you collaborate on a completely different level
Marjolein en Edine
Bachelor’s students Marjolein van Hoften and Edine Remmers attended the University-wide Honours Programme Building Bridges last year. We thought it would be interesting to work with students from different disciplines.” Read more>
We are both participating in a think tank about sustainability on campus
Yrsa en Noa
And the programme even goes one step further than this; thanks to its small scale, personal guidance and positive group dynamics, the two students have managed to come up with some creative solutions. Read more>
Looking for a new perspective within their studies
Dominique en Arsen
During the think tank Dominique and Arsen focused on an underexposed topic within healthcare: the existential dimension of care. At the request of Radboud university medical center, the students conducted research and, as a starting point, drafted a recommendation on ‘values-based healthcare’. Read more>
It is great fun to work with people from various disciplines
Everyone has a different view on social topics. Read more (Dutch)>