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Programme Overview

The honours programme 20190907-73-TedVABuilding Bridges brings students from all the faculties of Radboud University together. Everyone has their own stories, ideas, backgrounds, and qualities. In this diverse group of students you will start working on your personal development. You usually get together once a week in the evening.

Personalised guidance

This honours programme was created with you in mind! We will help you to achieve your goals, and try to match your interests as best we can. During the year we will regularly discuss progress with you. The focus is on your own learning objectives, your personal development, and the social projects you work on.

“Science and Society” kick-off

Students of all honours programmes will meet in September for the “Science and Society” kick-off. This is a great time to get to know your fellow students and your supervisors. Together you will reflect on what connects us as academics, what good science is, and the role of academic researchers in society. We will also start working on skills such as debating and presenting from the very start.

Thematic studio

In the first semester you will choose a thematic studio on a topic such as populism and democracy or biodiversity. A lecturer, an expert in the field, will thoroughly explain the subject matter to you. You will then investigate how different academic disciplines look at the theme, along with your supervisors and fellow students. Finally, you will work with your fellow students on a group assignment about the theme. For the studio you will go on a short excursion or a working visit, such as to a lab, a museum, an embassy, or a conference.

You can find an overview of the studios for 2023-2024 here.

You can find an overview of the studios for 2022-2023 here.

Think tank

In the second semester, you will participate in a think tank. You will work in a group on a complex, interdisciplinary issue from an external client, e.g. the sustainable campus or the importance of mental health. You will meet the client during a kick-off weekend. For the think tank, you will go abroad for a few days on a study trip. The form of the final product will be decided by you, in consultation with the client. Curious what previous groups have done? Check out examples of final products here!

You can find an overview of the think tanks for 2022-2023 here.


In the studios and think tanks you will be continuously working on your skills. You will learn to conduct independent and targeted research and collaborate in a multidisciplinary team. And you will be able to translate your acquired knowledge into an understandable message for a wide audience.

You will also choose a separate skills module in the first semester. In this module, you will focus on specific skills you wish to develop even further, such as storytelling, debating, and creative writing.

The skills modules for 2023-2024 will be announced in the summer of 2023.

Giving Back

As an honours student, you will have great opportunities. In return, we expect you put your talents, knowledge, and skills to use to benefit society. You can do this by giving presentations in secondary schools or in care homes or by participating in projects related to challenges in the city, such as sustainability. There are many options. Want to see what others have done? See examples of previous Giving Back projects here.