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Application and admission

An honours programme is extremely rewarding: it challenges you on a personal level, it gives you new tools for your studies and your future career, and  you get to know new people. But it also requires a time investment on your part. The honours programme is offered alongside your regular degree programme, which means you are expected to devote the necessary time to it.

Interested in applying?
The application deadline is 1 June 2023. You can apply via this application form. Fill in the form and add a portfolio with the following items:

  • letter of motivation in which you clearly articulate what your motivation for application is, what makes you a suitable candidate, what your ambitions are, and what your ideas are concerning the Individual Honours Project (What research subject interests you and why? How does it complement your regular study programme?);
  • your CV;
  • your grades from Osiris.

The selection committee invites you for an interview, looking at the motivation, the ambition and the potential of each student. After this interview, the committee will make a decision regarding your admission.