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General Psychology

How does procrastination work? Why do young children help others sometimes, but not all the time? Why do you forget words from a second language that you use infrequently? These are all questions that psychologists are trying to answer. Do you want to contribute to psychological research? Do you want a taste of the life of an academic? Do you want to delve into the current topics in psychology? Would you like to develop yourself in a small group of fellow students? If so, the Honours Programme General Psychology is right for you.

What’s in it for you?

  • More room for the in-depth study of psychology themes and research in addition to your Bachelor’s programme
  • Independent research into a topic of your choice
  • Developing academic skills and personal development during your Honours internship
  • Personal guidance from an inspiring researcher
  • Meet the academics from your favourite Master’s programme through your internship, and give them the chance to get to know you too
  • Participate in the Academic Writing course to improve your English-language writing skills
  • Gain some work experience by shadowing a foreign research group or attending an international conference

Facts & figures

  • Duration two years, during B2 and B3
  • Study load ± 8 hours a week
  • Start September
  • Language English
  • Admission Psychology students, selection
  • Study costs None