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Programme Board
The programme board of the Faculty of Science honours programme is responsible for the composition and implementation of the programme. The programme board consists of:

  • Dr Luca Consoli (chair)
  • Dr Juriaan Metz (programme coordinator)
  • Dr Jo Huiqing Zhou
  • Dr Ernst van Eck
  • Dor Alter
  • Caroline Bauer
  • Giovanni Uchoa de Assis


Support for the implementation of the programme will be provided by Ms Nicolette Poelen.
Telephone: 024 - 365 33 13
E-mail: n.poelen@science.ru.nl  

For further information, students can contact the programme coordinator of the Faculty of Science honours programme, Juriaan Metz.
Telephone: 024 - 365 23 10
E-mail: juriaan.metz@ru.nl