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Personal Experience

Sterre van den Heuvel, Anthropology and Development StudiesSterre Social Sciences

During the honours programme you get a lot of opportunities to be creative and discover new things. As a result, I also started to develop my own interests in my degree programme.
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Diego Garcia Cerdas, Artificial Intelligence Bachelor’s student


During the Honours Programme Social Sciences, I worked on projects that are outside the scope of my Bachelor’s programme. This helped me develop personal and professional skills by becoming sensitive to problems that involve cooperation between different social sciences. Moreover, I had the opportunity to do research supervised by a professor from my faculty, which gave me great advantage to pursue my career goals. I highly encourage students to take part in the programme!

Johanna Kube, Psychology

Johanna Social Sciences

The Social Sciences Honours Programme was a wonderful experience for me, where I had the opportunity to learn and actively apply the learned theoretical knowledge in close collaboration with like-minded people and inspirational guidance. It enriches my perspective on different scientific debates.

Loes Teering, Pedagogical Sciences

Loes Honours Social Sciences

The Honours Programme has been a fun and educational enrichment in addition to my studies. The picture that is painted of the programme involves writing a lot of texts, reading a lot of literature and evening classes. While this is true, it isn’t entirely accurate. With good planning, it is certainly possible to do next to your regular education and the emphasis is on interaction rather than on writing articles. As a student, you get the opportunity to have a say in the sessions and choose a final product. So, there is also room for a creative brain! Aside from the educational part, it is just really fun. I have met nice new fellow students and get to learn about fields that are not necessarily addressed in my study programme. All in all, I haven’t regretted it for a second and it’s definitely worth the effort!

Melissa Boots, Anthropology and Development StudiesMelissa Honours Social Sciences

If you are looking for an additional challenge and like engaging in social issues in an active manner, I can definitely recommend you the Social Sciences Honours Programme! Education is small-scale and personal and the freedom you receive as a student to shape the sessions ensures an optimal environment for you to develop in.

Bente Klumpenaar, Communication Science

The Social SciencBente Honours Social Scienceses Honours Programme is the perfect addition to my Communication Science programme. You are challenged to think about social discussions and you learn to form and substantiate your own opinions. You also get to meet a lot of people and build a new network that way. I can highly recommend it - for every student!

Lara Dilger, Psychology
Lara Dilger Social Sciences

The thing I enjoyed most about the honours programme was working with students from a different study background, this lead to a lot of interesting discussions!

Honours project - movie clip Communication Sciences

For her honours project, Gijsje created the following movie clip to explain in a comprehensible and fun way a question she would often get: What does it mean to study Communication Sciences?