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You are driven and hungry for knowledge. You push yourself that extra mile when others stop. And you want to get more from your studies by gaining more knowledge and by entering into discussions with fellow students and developing your practical skills. You hope to learn how you can apply these skills to competently tackle social issues and you want to practice your English. You find it fascinating to apply input from multiple angles. The Honours Programme Social Sciences makes this a reality.

First Semester


You start this Honours Programme with a kick-off. You will meet fellow students from the Faculty of Social Sciences. And you will learn more about the precise content of the programme.

Creativity Course

During the first semester, you follow a thematic seminar ‘Creativity & Education’. You will attend lectures by various experienced academics, who approach the theme from their own specialisations. You also start to get to work yourself. For example, you and your fellow students think about ways to design education more creatively. You make a proposal, which you then present to the group.

Individual Feedback Meeting

During the Individual Feedback Meeting, you will get the chance to exchange with the programme director and coordinator about your experiences and progress in the honours programme. You can share your thoughts and provide your feedback on the programme as well as work on defining your learning goals for the second semester.

Second Semester

Active Living

‘Sitting is the new smoking’, is often said. Almost all of us are guilty of this, even though it is incredibly bad for us. It is logical that exercise helps you stay fit. But what are the other benefits? And how can you encourage people to stand up and walk around more often? In the thematic seminar ‘Active Living’, which you will follow in the second semester, you will once again join forces from different disciplines to arrive at a concrete proposal.

From Science to Society

In addition to the thematic seminar, you will follow the course ‘From Science to Society’. Here you learn to translate scientific theory into a meaningful contribution to society. This will prepare you particularly well for your career in this field.

First & Second Semester

Skills Labs

In addition, there is a lot of room for personal development during the Honours Programme. You do that in Skills Labs, where you improve the skills of your choice. Perhaps you want to learn about Visual Storytelling. Or gain more experience in writing and presenting in English. You take control. You choose the two skills modules that suit you from a wide range. You take part in one Skills Lab per semester. What is unique about these Skills Labs is that you follow them together with students from Honours Programmes from many other faculties. It is therefore also an excellent and enjoyable way to build a diverse network.

Science in Society days

Together with honours students from across campus you will dive into a societally-relevant topic for a day (e.g. Sustainability:  Freedom and Responsibilities or Will science save the world?). You’ll hear from different guest speakers and approach the topic in an interactive way. Each semester there will be a new topic to capture the latest developments in society. Find out more about our last Science in Society day here.

Program overview Social Sciences

Honours certificate

If you successfully complete the Honours Programme Social Sciences, you will receive a special Honours certificate. A nice proof of the academic and personal development that you have gone through.