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Creativity & Education

Creativity is essential for addressing complex problems that require new, non-standard approaches. And that is precisely what our future leaders, engineers and scientists need to face the problems of a rapidly changing society. School systems across the globe, however, seem to be locked into the “factory education” model and teaching to fit standardized testing has become the norm. Teaching has become increasingly focused on testable skills, at the cost of stimulating creativity.

The aim of the seminar is to discuss and get insight in the role of creativity in learning and education, from kindergarten to university (and even beyond). Creativity will be viewed and discussed from different disciplines, including (social) psychology, education, communication, humanities, and arts. Several theories and definitions of creativity will be discussed, as well as the implications for testing and training creativity. Students will work on an assignment in which they develop, based on one of the theories of creativity, either a measurement tool or a training for a target group of their choice.

Lecturer: prof. Evelyn Kroesbergen