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Application and admission

An honours programme is extremely rewarding: it challenges you on a personal level, it gives you new tools that you can use during both your studies and in your future career, and it introduces you to new people. But it also requires a considerable time investment on your part. The honours programme is offered alongside your regular degree programme, which means you are expected to devote the necessary time to it.

Entry requirements & selection
The Selection Committee examines the motivation, the ambition and the potential of each student applying. The application deadline is 11 September 2022.

Your application will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • you have completed the first year of your degree programme (propedeuse) or you are expected to complete it by September 2022;
  • your academic records reflect your ability to participate in an extracurricular programme;
  • you have the intellectual capacity and the time management skills necessary for following an extra programme;
  • your portfolio consisting of: a motivation letter, your CV and your grade report (secondary school, first year and potentially second year);
  • your application interview.

During the programme you are expected to commit to all the activities in the programme, and you are expected to complete the programme. In addition, you are expected to complete your regular programme without undue delay.

Interested in applying?
If you would like to apply for a place in the Honours Programme in Management, follow the steps below:

1. Fill in the Management application form HP2 and include a portfolio in which you address the following:

  • letter of motivation in which you clearly articulate what your motivation for application is, what makes you a suitable candidate, what your ambitions are, and what your ideas are concerning the Individual Honours Project (What research subject interests you and why? How does it complement your regular study programme?);
  • your CV;
  • your grade report (secondary school, first year and potentially second year).

Compile all these above-mentioned topics into a single document (you can only upload one document with this application form). Use sub-headings under which you address all the required aspects.

2. A Selection Committee will decide whether you are eligible for admission based on the documentation you have provided. If you meet the criteria, you will receive an invitation to an interview with the Selection Committee.

3. Following this interview, the committee will make a decision regarding your admission, of which you will receive written notification within 2 weeks after the interview.