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Admission and applications

The honours programme will bring you many things: it is challenging, you will meet interesting people, you will receive personal guidance, and you will gain all kinds of skills that will benefit you throughout your studies as well as in your future career. However, the honours programme also requires a serious time investment, since you need to be able to fulfill the requirements of the honours programme in addition to those of your regular Bachelor’s programme.


Signing up Making your mark

If you are interested in the honours programme Making your mark you can send an email to heleen.loof@ru.nl

(the programme will be given in Dutch)

Applying to the two-year honours programme Philosopy, Theology and Religious Studies

While using the online application form (until 11 September 2022), you are requested to submit one other document consisting of the following items:

  • An overview of the grades you received during your first year (grades so far)
  • CV
  • Your (preliminary) research proposal (max. 1 A4). Use the guidelines research proposal  to craft your proposal
  • Cover letter. Motivate in your letter why you would like to apply, why you would be the perfect fit for this programme, how you intend to combine the honours programme with your regular Bachelor’s programme, and you should also discuss your ambitions and future career. Tip: Use separate headings for the different subjects such as ‘ambition’ and ‘motivation’.

Areas of Interest in the Research Proposal

When drafting your research proposal, attempt to answer the following questions:
1. What exactly do you want to investigate? (phenomenon and case)
2. Why do you want to conduct this research? (motivation and relevance)
3. In what context do you want to investigate it? (perspective and theory)
4. How do you plan on working on it? (approach and method)
5. What specific question do you want to ask? (establishing the issue)
6. Whom do you want to conduct your research under? Which degree programme do you want to conduct it in?

Applying to the honours programme Making your mark