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Two-year programme

You’ve got room for more. More knowledge, more growth. And more research. You are motivated. You push further where others stop. You are looking for something to do next to your studies. But not just anything: it needs to be of substance. You are fascinated by a theme, a person or a subject. In short, you are looking to deepen your knowledge. You want to attack a topic of your choice and carry out your own research project. Whether you have a well-defined plan or just a general idea, the honours programme Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies offers you the opportunity to start your own research project.

What does this programme bring you?

  • Extensive, in-depth training in your field
  • A great deal of freedom to decide on the contents of your own personal honours programme
  • The opportunity to tackle your own research topic
  • The space to develop and improve your skills, includings skills for which there is no or little room in your study programme
  • The chance to get in touch with students from other fields within the faculty
  • A window into the world of research
  • The opportunity to work under the guidance of an inspired researcher
  • Plenty of opportunities for personal growth
  • The chance to get to know yourself: what are your limits? What are you good at?

Facts & figures

Duration Two years, during B2 and B3
Study load ± 10 hours a week
Programme kick-off September
Language Dutch and English
Study costs None