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Your own honours programme

You largely decide on the contents and shape of your honours programme yourself. The most important part: you pick the research topic that suits you. And you decide what your end product will look like. Also, you select the right skills modules for you. Do you want to go abroad? Go for it! In brief, your honours programme Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies is unique.

The core: your research project

The honours programme Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies is your chance to carry out your own research project. This research is at the heart of your honours programme. You choose your own theme, we give you plenty of time and space to really dig deep. Above all else, you need to bring a good dose of motivation to take on this challenge.

Do you know exactly what you want? And who should be your supervisor? Awesome. Instead, are you thinking “I want to do something related to…” – for example, the spiritual aspect of sports, the different ways in which people of different religions cope with illness or the influence of Enlightenment thinkers on modern day journalism –? That is great too! We will help you find a supervisor. Together with your supervisor you will sharpen your ideas, and turn them into a solid research plan.

Personal end product

During the two year programme, you will work in close collaboration with your supervisor to push your research to great heights. The resulting end product can take many shapes. Most students write a scientific paper. But you are free to be different. Do you prefer creating a website? Or do you want to organize a seminar? Go ahead, be creative!

Courses: content and skills

You will follow the “Transformations of death” course developed specifically for students of the honours programme Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies. The lectures in this course revolve around the question: how do attitudes towards our mortality and towards death change in our society? You will explore this theme from the scientific perspectives of the social sciences and of philosophy.

Furthermore, you will select two skills modules, one in each year of the programme. These modules include workshops in storytelling, personal leadership or debating, for example. Students from all honours programmes at Radboud University participate in these courses. A great opportunity to make new connections!

Go abroad? Not a problem!

You can combine your participation in the honours programme Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies with a stay abroad. Better yet, you might have very good reasons to carry out (part of) your research abroad. Just go for it!

Work individually, but not alone

As an honours student, you will put a lot of hours into your research project, on your own. But you are not alone. You will kick off the programme with a study day, together with other honours students from all faculties at Radboud University.

Four times a year you will get together with the students of both cohorts of the honours programme Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies for an intervision session. You will present your work to the others and receive peer feedback. You will learn from each other, and help each other move forward. During these sessions, the programme director will also check on your progress and your collaboration with your supervisor. Is everything going according to plan? Does anything need changing?

Honours certificate

During the honours programme Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies you will deepen your knowledge of your field. You will develop your academic and professional skills. When you meet all criteria of the programme, you will receive a special honours certificate.