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Admission and application

An Honours Programme offers you a great deal: you are challenged, supervised by top scientists, receive all sorts of useful pointers which are sure to benefit you during your studies and subsequent career and you get to know new, interesting people. But it also requires a certain time investment from you. Because you will be following an Honours Programme next to your regular programme, you need to be able to put in that additional time required. We ask you to demonstrate this in an application procedure.


For a place in the Honours Programme you must apply via the application form. The deadline for application to the programme from February to June 2023 is 5 December 2022. Your application consists of:

  • A motivation letter stating why you want to participate in the programme
  • Your CV
  • Your scores obtained so far in the first year

You can apply for a place in a Dutch-speaking or English-speaking group. In the latter case, you should write your motivation letter and CV in English.


The selection committee (programme coordinator and lecturer members of the programme board) will assess your motivation (and study results). Admission interviews will follow in January. After that conversation, you will hear if you have been admitted to the programme.