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Collaborating with other study programmes provides a lot of insights

First-year students Bregje and Bas both noticed that they had the time and inclination to take on an extra challenge alongside their studies. The Honours Programme for first-year students seemed to fit the bill perfectly. Bregje was therefore keen to find out what else was on offer in addition to her own study programme, International Business Communication. “I already knew what I wanted to study at an early age. This honours programme allowed me to discover what else was out there and what other study programmes involved.” Bas, who is a Psychology student, adds “I wanted to ensure that my studies were about more than just Psychology.”

The first-year programme is comprised of several components. These include guest lectures, which cover a variety of topics. It was particularly the guest lecture on science and ethics, as well as the lecture on Artificial Intelligence, that were so memorable for Bas. He says: “During the lecture on Artificial Intelligence, we were allowed to spend most of the evening trying out the robots.” For Bregje, it was the guest lecture on oral surgery at Radboud university medical center that was such a unique experience. She explains: “We were allowed to examine the machines on the ward and see how they work. We were also allowed to take a look inside the operating theatres. I thought that was pretty special.”

Both of the students have developed a greater appreciation for interdisciplinarity through this honours programme. Collaborating with other study programmes provides a lot of insight, but the social aspect is also great fun. Bregje explains: “It’s completely different from your own study programme.” Bas adds: “Even though everyone’s taking a different study programme, you still have a lot in common with each other.” Both Bregje and Bas have also formed new friendships through the honours programme.

What’s more, the first-year honours programme has ensured that both students will be taking the Interdisciplinary Honours Programme Building Bridges. Bas explains: “Building Bridges is the perfect complement to this programme. I really enjoyed the interdisciplinarity and the group work.” Bregje is also looking forward to working in the think tanks, where she will work on a social problem with students from other disciplines. She explains: “Combining all of the different perspectives will allow us to achieve the best result.”

Bregje and Bas are thrilled that they chose to take the first-year honours programme. He says: “It’s extremely enjoyable and it’s a lot of fun. To put it simply, if you think you can handle the extra workload, I would certainly recommend it. The programme definitely offers extra benefits.” Bregje adds: “If you can find the time to take the programme, I would say go for it!”
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