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Honours labs

In addition to the one-year and two-year honours programmes, the Honours Academy provides honours labs. During these short, experimental projects, you spend several weeks working on a current theme. For example, you may conduct research into how the future of food will look, into how you experience the concept of “truth” from the perspective of the arts, or into deciphering the logic of the media during elections.

An honours lab is not a typical extracurricular course. Together with enthusiastic lecturers, you will be experimenting with new educational formats and often even designing these formats yourself. The content and design of the projects are always different. They frequently involve a hot topic in academics or a subject that is frequently in the news. An interdisciplinary approach always comes first and foremost: you will work together with students from as many different disciplines as possible.

Do you enjoy collaborating with other students? Do you have a few extra weeks’ or months’ worth of time to work on something in addition to your studies? Are you interested in working “outside of the box”? If so, you should register!

Honours labs 2023

Every year, the Radboud Honours Academy offers various honours labs in a wide variety of interdisciplinary themes.

  • Hope and grief in a time of environmental loss (in English)
  • 100 years Radboud – Art & Science (in Dutch and/or English)
  • In de mix - een creatieve vertaling van culturele diversiteit en sociale ongelijkheid (in Dutch)
  • Een andere kijk op conflicten – een roadmap voor persoonlijke en professionele groei (in Dutch)
  • Hoe vertaal je wetenschap naar politiek? (in Dutch)
  • Een duurzaam en innovatief fashion event (in Dutch)
  • Studentbestuurders (in Dutch)

Information session

Join the information session about the new honours labs on Thursday 9 February (12.30 - 1.30 pm, EOS N 01.550).

Are you unable to attend, but do you have any questions? If so, please contact Floor Binkhorst (Floor.Binkhorst@ru.nl).

Student Experiences

Curious about how students experience honours labs? Read here the experience of Rosan, participant of the honours lab 'Innovaties voor een gezonde levensstijl'.

Things you should know

  • Honours labs are available to students from all disciplines
  • The composition of the group (Bachelor’s, Pre-Master’s or Master’s) varies for each honours lab
  • Honours labs take place in the second semester
  • The primary conditions for participation are that you are motivated and willing to actively take part during meetings and that you have the time in your study schedule to work on the project
  • The number of participants and the duration of the honours lab are different for each theme
  • Participation is free
  • An honours lab is a form of extracurricular education. Therefore, no ECTS are awarded
Honourslab Innovation camps Gent-Nijmegen
Honourslab Future of Food
Honourslab You are Politically Connected


We offer new, societally relevant themes each year. These are some examples of the ongoing and previous honours labs:


Do you want to know more about the honours labs or do you have any questions? Please contact Floor Binkhorst, floor.binkhorst@ru.nl