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Call for teachers

Would you want to provide interdisciplinary education to students from different faculties? Or would you like to experiment with new modes of instruction? And do you want to work with a group of motivated students who also like to work outside of the boundaries of their own programme? Read on!

The Radboud Honours Academy is looking for lecturers who want to initiate, organise and mentor an honours lab in the upcoming academic year. An honours lab is a short experimental project, where students spend a few weeks or months working on an interdisciplinary theme. Honours labs do not have a specific design. Your own idea will be the premise. Together with the programme directors of the Radboud Honours Academy you will turn your idea into an inspiring honours lab. Furthermore, the Radboud Honors Academy offers practical support for the implementation of the honours lab (such as facilities, classroom reservations, and the practical organization of an excursion).Click here to read more about the definition and design of an honours lab.

For the upcoming academic year, we will be organising 4 or 5 honours labs. These honours labs will all take place during the second semester, between March and June of 2023. Do you have an idea you would like to work on? Please contact Floor Binkhorst.

This is what the time frame looks like:

  • From March 2022: Do you have an idea for an honours lab? Contact us!
  • End September 2022: Last chance to announce your idea for an honours lab.
  • October 2022: A committee existing of students and programme directors will select 4 or 5 honours labs.
  • October/November 2022: Additional work on the selected honours labs and writing of recruitment posts.
  • December 2022: Start recruitment students for honours labs (across the RU).
  • Mid February 2023: Selection of students based on motivation.
  • Early March to June 2023: Execution of the honours labs.

New this year! Next year, we offer lecturers of honourlabs the opportunity to follow an extra track to learn more about educational development, coaching, change management and new forms of assessment. This track is developed by Education Support and Radboud Teaching and Learning Centre, and consists of four meetings over the course of nine months (parallel to the development, implementation and evaluation of the honourslab). By following this track, you will work towards a UKO qualification (Extended Educational Qualification).