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Programme overview

You design your Beyond the Frontiers honours programme yourself – with our help, obviously. Do you know exactly who to go to if you want to learn from the best? Is it obvious that you have to master exactly those techniques from that one, leading lab? Or are the answers to your research questions hidden in these specific archives? You are free to go wherever you want to go. Explain why you need to visit the university of your choice, and why it offers possibilities that Radboud University does not. Can you persuade us? Then we just might help you make your visit come true. And more: Beyond the Frontiers honours students are regularly asked to return to their host university for a longer stay. We open doors.

Where do you start?

Obviously, you don’t do everything yourself. We help you with your preparations. And we are your point of contact for questions, both before you leave and during your stay.

Do you have a research project in mind? And would you like to submit a project proposal? Please contact Heleen Loof, heleen.loof@ru.nl. She will help you sharpen your plans. She will ask questions like: What are you going to do? How do you expect your visit to go? When will you leave? You can also discuss your options if your plans are different from the rest, for example if you want to carry out your research together with a partner.

Proposal and pitch

Is your project plan solid? Then write your proposal in detail. What are your research questions? And what is your method? How is your research relevant to society? Make sure that you have a letter of recommendation from two supervisors, one from Radboud University and one from the university you want to visit. Make a realistic and feasible planning, including a budget and a good plan B. Are you ready? Pitch your proposal and convince us!

You got a go! What is next?

Did your proposal get approved? Then you can start planning your stay. Arrange your accommodation, your workplace and your trip. The Beyond the Frontiers honours programme will bear part of your expenses, up to a maximum of €3300. You will receive 60% before your visit, and 40% when you return. All settled? Then all you have to do is go and have a great time! Go on an adventure and write your own story.

Your entire research in ten weeks?

You will work for at least ten weeks at the university of your choice. We can hear you thinking: isn’t that way too short for an entire research project? Yes, you are right! But keep in mind that on the day that you leave to your host university, you will already have made great progress, thanks to your thorough preparations. And no stress: after you come back to Nijmegen, you will have another three months to finish your end product. This can be a scientific article, but also an advisory report or an essay. Does your supervisor approve your end product? Then you will receive an Honours certificate.

Follow Honours Academy courses

During your time as an honours student, you can follow workshops and courses offered by the Honours Academy, if you want. For example, do you dread your pitch? Then work on your presentation skills. Or did you collect beautiful data during your visit, but do you want to learn to write them up properly? Then take a writing course.


Your Beyond the Frontiers experience is mostly individual. Still, you are not alone. Along with you, all over the world, other Beyond the Frontiers honours students are conducting their own dream research. We regularly organise Beyond the Frontiers symposia during which students who have finished their projects present their results to professors, colleagues, but also to family and friends. An inspiring afternoon on a wide variety of topics based on research conducted all over the world. Do you see yourself presenting at our symposium? Go for it, push your limits!