ISP 2023 registration open

The 5th Interdisciplinary Summerschool on Privacy (ISP 2023) will be held on June 25-30, 2023. Theme: "Assessing and mitigating privacy risks in the Internet of Things". Early registration is now open.

The interdisciplinary summerschool on privacy provides an intensive one week academic post-graduate programme teaching privacy from a technical, legal and social perspective. The goal of the summerschool is to provide students with a solid background in the theory of privacy construction, modelling and protection from these three different perspectives. It also aims to help them to establish a first international network with peers and senior academics across these disparate disciplines.

To register, see here.


The Institute for Computing and Information Sciences (iCIS) was established to improve the fundamentals of software development via formal, mathematically founded theories, methods and tools that support the specification, design, analysis and evaluation of computer-based systems.

Research aims include improving the quality of software, with an emphasis on enhancing reliability, security, architectures and system alignment. The quality of the research remains very high, resulting in many Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) grants.


Research within iCIS is organized within three themes:

Software Science (SwS)
We have expertise covering a broad range of topics concerning software construction and analysis.

Digital Security (DiS)
Researchers develop theories and formal methods, which they use to analyze and improve the security of the digital world.

Data Science (DaS)
We develop theory and methods for scalable machine learning and information retrieval to analyze big data and address challenging problems in science and society.