Joop Bautz Information Security Award for Hans Harmannij

Date of news: 13 October 2016

Hans Harmannij has won the Joop Bautz Information Security Award for his master's thesis about Polymorphic Pseudonymization in Educational Identity Federations see: In his thesis Hans describes privacy problems in widely used authentication systems such as SURFconext, used by Dutch universities, and gives a solution based on the work from Eric Verheul on similar problems in primary, secondary and vocational education, see:
The thesis was praised for the relevance it has for the many users that have to use SURFconext and other similar systems. It calls attention to the privacy problems that should be dealt with in these systems and provides a way to do so.

The digital security group of the Radboud University is also developing a system using Polymorphic Encryption and Pseudonymisation to protect medical data in a large scale Parkinson study, see: