Organizational structure

Research Director: Prof. dr. ir. A.P. de Vries

Managing Director: Dr. B. Smelik

Management Assistant: S.G.P.M. Meeuwsen


Theme leader: Prof. dr. F.W. Vaandrager

Deputy theme leader: Prof. dr. S.B. Scholz

Management Assistant: I.J.H.M. Berenbroek


Theme leader: Prof. dr. J. Daemen

Deputy theme leader: Dr. ir. E. Poll

Management Assistants: S. Fijn and J.M. Versluys


Theme leader: Prof. dr. E. Marchiori

Deputy theme leader: Prof. dr. ir. D. Hiemstra

Management Assistant: N.L.M. Messink

The daily management of iCIS is in the hands of the research director, who is appointed by the dean, typically for a period of 4 years. The director represents the institute externally, and forms the interface to the faculty and other (higher) layers of the university. Among the main responsibilities of the research director are: personnel management, financial management, and quality and structure of research. The content - and of course quality - of the research themes is under the responsibility of the research leaders and their group members. The iCIS “research” director coordinates with the III “teaching” director, especially to attribute appropriate (human) resources to teaching. Within iCIS there is also an adjunct research director, even though such a role does not exist formally.

The research director is supported by the research bureau. It is led by the managing director who runs, together with the bureau staff, the day-to-day operation of institute-level activities, involving financial planning and reporting, scientific reporting, internal and external communication (including web pages of the institute), etc.

The research director is also supported by the HRM (P&O: Personeel en Organisatie) and the Finance & Control (F&C) department from the ambient Science Faculty. The research director, the adjunct-director, the managing director together with representatives of the HRM and Finance departments meet on a weekly basis.

On a monthly basis there is a management board (management overleg) meeting of the theme leaders and their deputies, the teaching director and the research directorate, in order to discuss the main lines of the institute’s management (research themes, job descriptions, allocation of resources, etc). These management board meetings provide steering and feedback to the director. However, the management responsibility lies (ultimately) with the director.