Master Thesis in Information Sciences

As a student in Information Sciences, you can choose to have your Master project supervised by a mentor from iCIS or from OD&D. In both cases, you need to submit for the Master Thesis Information Sciences - NWI-IMK013 in Osiris Case.

Note that if you choose a mentor from OD&D, you will typically have to adhere to the customs over there. The most important differences include:

  • At iCIS, you will get your Master project approved in the early beginning, with a research question and a rough research plan. At OD&D, you will get the approval about halfway, after having done an extensive literature study and having developed your research methodology.
  • At iCIS, the complete Master defense is public, at OD&D the audience will be asked to leave after the presentation, to allow the supervisors to ask questions in private.

All iCIS regulations regarding your Master project can be found here. The submission procedures as explained there, apply to everyone.

More detailed information for students can be found on Brightspace.
(Course Master Thesis Information Sciences (JAAR V)).
In Brightspace also the contact information of the internship coordinators is available.