Master Thesis Lab

Completing your Master Thesis Project

1. For the completion of your project, please note the following:

  • The Master Thesis Report must be written in the English language. Also your final presentation must be given in English.
  • Your supervisor will use an online evaluation form to evaluate the results of your project.

2. You should plan your final presentation at least one week in advance:

  • Choose a date and time for your final presentation. Ask your supervisor whether this date is okay.
  • You should reserve a room and mail the room number to your supervisor. For the room reservation, you must send a mail to the address. In that mail, please indicate (a) the minimal number of persons you expect, (b) the date, (c) the start and end time, (d) the kind of activity, in this case: Master Thesis Presentation.
  • A Master presentation ideally takes 40 minutes, that is a presentation of 35 minutes with questions of 5 minutes. Choose some slides that can be left out if your presentation takes more time than expected. Prepare one or two extra slides that can be added if everything goes faster than expected.
  • Start inviting people.

3. You should deliver your Master Thesis Report to your supervisor and to the Master Thesis Coordinator:

  • You should upload your thesis. Your supervisor will receive an electronic copy of the thesis.
  • Mail an electronic copy of the final version of your thesis to the Master Thesis Coordinator to make it available online (unless the thesis should not be publicly available).