Master Thesis Lab

Find a supervisor

  • Contact a teacher from the ICIS Institute and ask for supervision. Define the scope of your research project in cooperation with your supervisor.
  • It is fine if you already have an idea about a possible research topic, before you contact a possible supervisor. But be careful that you do not define too much details for yourself, because your supervisor may have other ideas.
  • In most cases it is wise to examine the project proposals in our departments and the project proposals in companies. Try to understand what are the relevant topics for our teachers.
  • Please note that your supervisor must be an Assistant Professor (= Universitair Docent or UD), an Associate Professor (= Universitair Hoofddocent or UHD), or a Professor (= Hoogleraar or HL). It is stressed here that your supervisor must be an approved examiner of the ICIS Institute: the Institute for Computing and Information Sciences.
  • Sometimes a supervisor asks a (postdoctoral) researcher to do a major part of the supervision, but the supervisor is responsible for the project.
  • Apart from your (primary) supervisor, there will be a second teacher involved in the evaluation of your project. That second teacher must also be an approved examiner of the ICIS Institute.