Master Thesis Lab

Write your Project Plan

Now you write your Project Plan. Your Project Plan and your Master Thesis Report must be written in the English language. Also, your final presentation must be given in the English language.

For the Project Plan, you must use a general set-up. This set-up is roughly summarized as follows:

  1. Mention some basic information, such as start date, expected end date, supervisor and (preliminary) project title. Also you must mention your study programme: computing science or information science.
  2. Write the problem statement. In this statement you describe what is the problem that you want to solve.
  3. Describe the way of working. This means: describe how you want to solve the problem.
  4. Give a short overview of relevant literature and describe how you want to use that literature.
  5. Give a global planning.
  6. A good Project Plan does not have to be long. It is assumed that your plan is approximately one page.
  7. You must make sure that you discuss your Project Plan with your supervisor and that it is accepted by your supervisor.

When your Project Plan is completely finished (not an intermediate version!) you can register your project and upload your Project Plan in the general system of the Faculty of Science. We assume that you will need 4-6 weeks for the start of your project and the writing of your Project Plan.