Master Thesis Lab

The research process

  1. During the research process, you will have meetings with your supervisor to discuss the progress of your research. You yourself have to take the initiative to plan a next meeting.
  2. Writing a Master Thesis may be harder than you expected. If you experience problems during your Master Thesis project, you must discuss this with your supervisor.
  3. You can get additional support (for example coaching and workshops) at the Radboud Writing Lab and at the Central Student Desk. See the links at the bottom of this page.
  4. At the end, your supervisor gives you a mark. He decides about this together with a second teacher. Your supervisor chooses this second teacher.
  5. If you do an external project in a company, you must yield a result which is acceptable for the university as well as for the company. This is your own responsibility.

Links to web pages about additional support (for example coaching and workshops) during the writing process: