Master Thesis Lab

Start your project

Now you have a supervisor and you have chosen a specific type of project. The next step is that you start your project. When you start your project, please think about the following:

  1. If you want, find a place to work in the Mercator building. You can find a place to work in one of the Master thesis rooms of the Institute for Computing and Information Sciences. You should contact Simone Meeuwsen for this. You can contact her via or in her room M1.00.06.
  2. Cooperation. Sometimes, two students try to cooperate during their Master project. This is not easy and it is often not a good idea. There is a specific requirement for cooperation between students: if two students cooperate, each student must produce a separate Master Thesis Report. If you think about cooperation, you should discuss this with your supervisor. Your supervisor may ask you to work individually (no cooperation).