Team science prize!

Date of news: 13 December 2021

NWO has award the team science prize to NIfTIc, A revolutionary new way of clean and safe transport: a floating module that’s propelled by magnets in the road. Physicist Nigel Hussey looked into this question, together with, among others, environmental researchers, mobility researchers, linguists and neuroscientists.

Students of Computing Science have also worked on the project: Martijn van Os, Iwan Litjens, Denise Verbakel, Dor Alter, Paolo Scattolin, Robert Koprinkov, Stefan Popa and Tom Janssen​.

Stefan Popa: "We have worked on the NIfTI project via GIPHouse. It was an interesting experience because for many of us it was the first time working on a project on this scale as well as the first time we had to work in an interdisciplinary project. Even though we were tasked with creating a user interface for the current small-scale prototype, we had a lot of contact with the other teams working on the physical part of the project, for example. This meant that we had to learn a few things about physics or engineering, and while it made our work a bit more challenging, it also made it more interesting. It is nice to know that our contribution, even if it was small, played a relevant role in the NIfTI project."