On this page you will find a list of dissertations written on Computing and Information Sciences under the supervision of professors of our institute. The more recent theses are available as a pdf.file. Most links will lead you to the Radboud Repository.

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Stoffelen, K.W.: Optimizations in Symmetric Cryptography


Viguier, B.G.P.: A Panorama on Classical Cryptography. Designing, Implementing, Braking, Verifying, and Standardizing Cryptography

Colesky, M.R.C.: Patterns for Privacy: Data Subject Right Blueprints for Privacy Engineers pdf

Klinik, M.A.A.: The happy, the sad, and the unknown. Programme Analysis and Automated Scheduling for Fault-Tolerant Workflows pdf

Costa Massolino, P.M.: Secure Cryptographic Implementations in Hardware: A delicious adventure pdf

Wetering, J. van de: Quantum Theory from Principles, Quantum Software from Diagrams pdf

Frumin, D.: Concurrent Separation Logics for Safety, Refinement, and Security pdf


Paula Bueno, M.L. de: Unraveling temporal processes using probabilistic graphical models

Weide, N.M. van der: Constructing Higher Inductive Types as Groupoid Quotients pdf

Wilmont, I: Cognitive Aspects of Conceptual ModellingExploring Abstract Reasoning and Executive Control in Modeling Practice pdf

Bos, van den, P.: Coverage and Games in Model-Based Testing pdf

Bucur, I.G.: Being Bayesian about Causal Inference pdf

Koning, M.E.: The purpose and limitations of purpose limitation pdf

Khamis, M.M.: Understanding Complex Systems Implementation through a Modeling Approach: the case of e-government in Zanzibar pdf

Papagiannopoulos, C.: Interactive Side-Channel Analysis pdf

Nägele, T.C.: CoHLA: Rapid Co-simulation Constructions pdf


Linard, A.R.R.: Learning Models for Cyber-Physical Systems pdf

Uijlen, S.M.: Categorical approaches to computations in contextuality and causality pdf

Chmielewski, Ł.M.: Exploiting Horizontal Leakage in Public Key Cryptosystems pdf

Cho, K.: Effectuses in Catergorical Quantum Foudations

Moerman, J.S.: Nominal Techniques and Black Box Testing for Automata Learning pdf

Renes, J.R.: Security on the line, Modern Curve-Based Cryptography pdf

Badarinath Hampiholi, B.: Contextual Identity in Practice, Attribute-based Authentication and Signing on Smartphones pdf

Westerbaan, B.E.: Dagger and Dilation in the Category of Von Neumann Algebras pdf

Westerbaan, A.A.: The Category of Von Neumann Algebras pdf

Cui, R.: Causal Discovery from Mixed Data using Gaussian Copula Models pdf

Rennela, M.P.A.: Enrichment in Categorical Quantum Foundations pdf

Rahmadi, R.: Finding stable causal structures from clinical data pdf

Papachristodoulou, L.: Masking Curves: Side-Channel Attacks on Elliptic Curve Cryptography and Countermeasures pdf


Mordang, J.J.: Towards an independent observer of screening mammograms: detection of calcifications pdf

Kooi, T.: Computer aided diagnosis of breast cancer in mammography using deep neural networks pdf

Kameni, E.D.: Natural Model-based Design in Context for modeling application domain and generating a simulation tool: application for environmental problems pdf

Domoszlai, L.: Purely Functional Web Components pdf

Liu, M.: Time and Bayesian Networks pdf

Ghafoorian, M.: Machine Learning for Quantification of Small Vessel Disease Imaging Biomarkers pdf

Friterau-Brostean, P.: Active Model Learning for the Analysis of Network Protocols pdf

Basold, H.: Mixed Inductive-Coinductive Reasoning Types, Programs and Logic pdf

Salamanca Tellez, J.R.: Coequations and Eilenberg–type Correspondences

Smetsers R.H.A.M.: Advances in Model Learning for Software Systems pdf

Bobbert, Y.: Improving the Maturity of Business Information Security pdf

Bjeković, M.: Pragmatics of Enterprise Modelling Languages: A Framework for Understanding and Explaining pdf


Kiljan, S.Z.: Exploring, Expanding and Evaluating Usable Security in Online Banking pdf

Plataniotis, G.: EA Anamnesis - A Conceptual Framework for Enterprise Architecture Rationalization pdf

Boer, M.H.T. de: Semantic Mapping in Video Retrieval

Schuts, M.T.W.: Industrial Experiences in Applying Domain Specific Languages for System Evolution

Stutterheim, J.: A Cocktail of Tools: Domain-Specific Languages for Task-Oriented Software Development

Sokolova, E.: Causal discovery form mixed and missing data with applications on ADHA datasets pdf

Hinne, M.: Bayesian Connectomics: a Probabilistic Perspective on Brain Networks

Krasnova, A.: Smart Invaders of Private Matters: Privacy of Communication on the Internet and in the Internet of Things (IoT) pdf

Furber, R.W.J.: Categorical Duality in Probability and Quantum Foundations pdf

Lueks, W.Security and Privacy via Cryptography. Having your cake and eating it too pdf

SSekibuule, R.: Market Design for Agricultural Trade in Developing Countries pdf


Ettema, R.W.: Using Triangulation in Lean Six Sigma to Explain Quality Problems pdf

Faller, H.: Organizational Subcultures and Enterprise Architecture Effectiveness: an Explanatory Theory pdf

Gastel, B.E. van: Assessing Sustainability of Software: Analysing Correctness, Memory and Energy Consumption pdf

Broek, F.M.J. van den: Mobile Communication Security pdf

Ege, B.: Physical Security Analysis of Embedded Devices pdf

Sapelli, M.: Knowledge Work in Context. User Centered Knowledge Worker Support pdf

Abbas, S.S.: Recognition of shapes by humans and machines pdf

Michels, S.: Hybrid Probabilistic Logics: Theoretical Aspects, Algorithms and Experiments pdf

Koldijk, S.J.: Context-Aware Support for Stress Self-Management from theory to Practice pdf

Mechelenbrink, W.: Computational modeling of metabolism and the inference of lethal genetic interactions pdf

Ortiz Yepes, D.A.: Practical hardware and software add-ons to enhance the security of mobile device operations pdf

Joosten, S.J.C.: Verification of interconnects


Kersten, R.W.J.: Software analysis methods for resource-sensitive systems pdf

Ruiter, J.E.J. de: Lessons learned in the analysis of the EMV and TLS security protocols pdf

Gebrekidan Gebre, B.: Machine learning for gesture recognition from videos pdf

Gubern-Mérida, A.: Automated Analysis of Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Breast pdf

Alpar, G.: Attribute-based identity management : [bridging the cryptographic design of ABCs with the real world] pdf

Laarhoven, T.M. van: Machine Learning for Network Data pdf

Verdult, R.: The (in)security of proprietary cryptography pdf

Picek, S.: Applications of Evolutionary Computation to Cryptology


Aarts, F.D.: Tomte: Bridging the Gap between Active Learning and Real-World Systems

Lappenschaar, M.: New network models for the analysis of disease interaction

Pizzuti, C.: Computational intelligence for community detection in complex networks and bio-medical applications pdf

Leijnen, S.: Creativity and Constraint in Artificial Systems pdf

Omona, W.: A Framework for Knowledge Management Using ICT in Higher Education

Madlener, K.: Formally Verified Modular Semantics pdf

Tegene Asfaw, T.: Service Discovery in eHealth pdf

Kühlwein, D.A.: Learning2Reason pdf

Tan, T.: Automated 3D breast ultrasound image analysis pdf

Tulinayo, F.P.: Combining System Dynamics with A Domain Modeling Method


Caltais, G.: Coalgebraic tools of bisimilarity and decorated trace semantics pdf

Mamane, L.E.: Interactive mathematical documents: creation and presentation pdf

Whitmarsh, S.: Nonreactivity and metacognition in mindfullness pdf

Heijden, M. van der: Temporal probabilistic models for disease management: with applications in COPD care pdf

Lensink, L.: Applying formal methods in software development pdf

Tankink, C.: Documentation and formal mathematics : web technology meets theorem proving

Claassen, T.: Causal discovery and logic pdf

Koning Gans, G.T. de: Outsmarting Smart Cards pdf

Gori, F.: Metagenomic Data Analysis: Computational Methods and Applications pdf

Verbeek, F.: Formal Verification of On-Chip Communication Fabrics pdf

Lijnse, B.: TOP to the Rescue: Task-Oriented Programming for Incident Response Applications pdf

Igna, G.: Performance Analysis of Real-Time Task Systems using Timed Automata pdf (pdf, 1,6 MB)


Ssebuggwawo, D.: Analysis and Evaluation of Collaborative Modeling Processes pdf

Nakakawa, A.: A Collaboration Process for Enterprise Architecture Creation pdf

Noort, T.R. van: Dynamic Typing in Type-Driven Programming pdf

Jancura, P.: Evolutionary Analysis in PPI Networks and Applications pdf

Heidarian Dekhordi, F.: Studies on Verification of Wireless Sensor Networks and Abstraction Learning for System Inference pdf

Bahramishariff, A.: Covert Visual Spatial Attention: a Robust Paradigm for Brain-computer Interfacing pdf

Bagarukayo, E.: A Learning by Construction Approach for Higher Order Cognitive Skills Improvement pdf


Samulski, M.: Computer Aided Detection as a Decision Aid in Medical Screening pdf

Pscheidt, M.: Appropriate Information System Development : a Methodology for Sustainable Cross-Cultural Information System Production and Use pdf

Cseke, B.: Variational Algorithsm for Bayesian Inference in Latent Gaussian Models pdf

Birlutiu, A.: Machine Learning for Pairwise data: Applications for Preference learning and Supervised Network Inference pdf

Andres, M.E.: Quantitative Analysis of Information Leakage in Probabilistic and Nondeterministic Systems pdf


Silva, A.: Kleene Coalgebra pdf

Jansen, J.M.: Functional Web Applications - Implementation and Use of Client Side Interpreters pdf

Heunen, C.J.M.: Categorical Quantum Models and Logics pdf

Folino, G.: High Performance Data Mining using Bio-inspired Techniques

Berendsen, J.K.: Abstraction, Prices and Probability in Model Checking Timed Automata pdf

Baguma, R.: Accessible Web Design through Web Accessibility Guidelines pdf


Verhoef, M.: Modeling and Validating Distributed Embedded Real-Time Control Systems pdf

Overbeek, S.J.: Bridging Supply and Demand for Knowledge Intensive Tasks - Based on Knowledge, Cognition, and Quality pdf

O'Connor, R.: Incompleteness & Completeness: Formalizing Logic and Analysis in Type Theory pdf

Nabukenya, J.: Improving the Quality of Organisational Policy Making using Collaboration Engineering pdf

Mol, M. de: Reasoning about Functional Programs: Sparkle, a Proof Assistant for Clean pdf

Kanagwa, B.: Design, Discovery and Construction of Service-oriented Systems pdf

Kaliszyk, C.: Correctness and Availability - Building Computer Algebra on top of Proof Assistants and making Proof Assistants available over the Web pdf

Jurgelenaite, R.: Symmetric Causal Independence Models pdf

Berg, J. van den: Reasoning about Java Programs in PVS Using JML pdf (pdf, 2,2 MB)


Pieters, W.: La Volonté Machinale: Understanding the Electronic Voting Controversy pdf

Ngubiri, J.: Techniques and Evaluation of Processor Co-allocation in Multi-cluster Systems pdf

Hommersom, A.J.: On the Application of Formal Methods to Clinical Guidelines, an Artificial Intelligence Perspective pdf

Hasuo, I.: Tracing Anonymity with Coalgebras pdf

Groot, A. de: Practical Automaton Proofs in PVS pdf

Garcia, F.D.: Formal and Computational Cryptography: Protocols, Hashes and Commitments pdf

Flesch, I.: On the Use of Independence Relations in Bayesian Networks pdf

Farkas, J.: A Semiotically Oriented Cognitive Model of Knowledge Representation pdf


Weelden, A. van: Putting Types to Good Use pdf

Loeb, I.: Natural Deduction: Sharing by Presentation pdf

Gerven, M.A.J. van: Bayesian Networks for Clinical Decision Support: A Rational Approach to Dynamic Decision-Making under Uncertainty pdf


Warnier, M.E.: Language Based Security for Java and JML pdf

Vrieze, P.T. de: Fundaments of Adaptive Personalisation pdf

Hendriks, M.: Model Checking Timed Automata - Techniques and Applications pdf

Gils, B. van: Aptness on the Web pdf

Gebremichael, B.: Expressivity of Timed Automata Models pdf

Cheung, L.: Reconciling Nondeterministic and Probalilistic Choices pdf

Calle, M.: Integrative Physiology and Communication in the Amphibian Brain pdf

Breunesse, C.-B.: On JML: Topics in Tool-assisted Verification of Java Programs pdf


Grootjen, F.A.: A Pragmatic Approach to the Conceptualization of Language

Frehse, G.: Compositional Verification of Hybrid Systems pdf

Alimarine, A.: Generic Functional Programming - Conceptual Design, Implementation and Applications pdf


Niqui, M.: Formalising Exact Arithmetic: Representations, Algorithms and Proofs pdf

Cruz-Filipe, L.C.: Constructive Real Analysis: a Type-Theoretical Formalization and Applications pdf


Hoppenbrouwers, S.B.J.A.: Freezing Language - Conceptualisation Processes across ICT-Supported Organisations pdf


Stoelinga, M.I.A.: Alea Jacta Est: Verification of Probabilistic, Real-time and Parametric Systems pdf

Spitters, B.A.W.: Constructive and Intuitionistic Integration Theory and Functional Analysis pdf

Fehnker, A.: Citius, Vilius, Melius: Guiding and Cost-Optimality in Model Checking of Timed and Hybrid Systems pdf

Capretta, V.: Abstraction and Computation. Type Theory, Algebraic Structures, and Recursive Functions pdf (pdf, 1,1 MB)


Serrarens, P.R.: Communication Issues in Distributed Functional Computing

Huisman, M.: Reasoning about JAVA Programs in Higher Order Logic with PVS and Isabelle pdf

Dael, R.L.H. van: Iets met computers. Over beroepsvorming van de informaticus pdf

Arampatzis, A.T.: Adaptive and Temporally-dependent Document Filtering pdf


Wondergem, B.C.M.: Compact and Tractable Descriptors for Information Discovery pdf

Valentini, S.L.M.: Meta-mathematical Aspects of Martin-Löf's Type Theory pdf

Jones, P.A.: Best First Search & Document Processing Applications

Griffioen, W.O.D.: Studies in Computer Aided Verification of Protocols pdf


Stefanova, M.T.: Properties of Typing Systems

Ruys, M.P.J.: Studies in Mechanical Verification of Mathematical Proofs pdf


Vuurpijl, L.G.: Platforms for artificial neural networks : neurosimulators and performance prediction of MIMD-parallel systems pdf

klein Gebbink, M.S.: Decomposition of Mixed Pixels in Remote Sensing Images to Improve the Area Estimation of Agricultural Fields pdf

Hubbers, J.W.G.M.: Object-oriented Analysis for Multi-faceted Applications with Distributed Control and Localized Data pdf

Berger, F.C.: Navigational Query Construction in a Hypertext Environment


Panken, F.J.M.: Design and performance evaluation of multiple-access protocols for ATM-based passive optical networks pdf

Frederiks, P.J.M: Object-oriented modeling based on information grammars

Beuken, F.A.M. van den: A functional approach to syntax and typing pdf


Waaldijk, F.: Modern Intuitionistic Topology pdf

Massink, M.: Functional Techniques in Concurrency pdf (pdf, 1,5 MB)

Kesseler, M.H.G.: The Implementation of Functional Languages on Parallel Machines with Distributed Memory pdf (pdf, 948 kB)

Geerling, A.M.: Transformational Development of Data-parallel Algorithms

Dezani-Ciancaglini, M.: Logical Semantics for Concurrent Lambda-calculus pdf (pdf, 953 kB)

Achten, P.M.: Interactive Functional Programs: Models, Methods, and Implementation


Schoenmakers, R.P.H.M.: Integrated Methodology for Segmentation of Large Optical Satellite Images in Land Applications of Remote Sensing

Osborne, H.R.: Update Plans : a High Level Low Level Specification Language pdf (pdf, 732 kB)

Draanen, J.P.C.M. van: Models for Simply Typed Lambda Calculi and Graph Rewrite Systems

Compagnoni, A.B.: Higher-order Subtyping with Intersection Types pdf (pdf, 1 MB)

Bommel, P. van: Database Optimization: an Evolutionary Approac

Barendsen, E.: Types and Computations in Lambda Calculi and Graph Rewrite Systems


Wieczorek, M.J.: Locative Temporal Logic and Distributed Real-time Systems Specification

Thienen, H.A. van: It's About Time : Using Funmath for the Specification and Analysis of Discrete Dynamic Systems

Seutter, M.: The Development of Semantic Functions for a System Description Language with Multiple Interpretations

Proper, H.A.: A Theory for Conceptual Modelling of Evolving Application Domains pdf (pdf, 1,4 MB)

Nöcker, E.G.J.M.H.: Efficient Functional Programming : Compilation and Programming Techniques

Nederhof, M.-J.: Linguistic Parsing and Program Transformations pdf (pdf, 1,4 MB)

Diepen, N.W.P. van: Modular Algebraic Specifications and Transformational Program Development


Smetsers, J.E.W.: Graph Rewriting and Functional Languages

Hurkens, A.J.C.: Borel determinacy without the axiom of choice pdf

Hofstede, A.H.M. ter: Information Modelling in Data Intensive Domains

Geuvers, J.H.: Logics and Type Systems pdf (pdf, 1 MB)

Bruza, P.D.: Stratified Information Disclosure : A Synthesis Between Hypermedia and Information Retrieval

Bakel, S.J.: Intersection Type Disciplines in Lambda Calculus and Applicative Term Rewriting Systems pdf (pdf, 794 kB)


Boiten, E.A.: Views of Formal Program Development pdf (pdf, 835 kB)

Brand, M.G.J. van den: PREGMATIC : A Generator for Incremental Programming Environments pdf (pdf, 1 MB)

Meijer, H.J.M.: Calculating Compilers pdf (pdf, 705 kB)


Jacobs, B.P.F.: Categorical Type Theory pdf (pdf, 807 kB)


Koopman, P.W.M.: Functional Programs as Executable Specifications


Moritz, M.P.G.: Description and Analysis of Static Semantics by Fixed Points Equations


Veldhuis, R.: Adaptive Restoration of Unknown Samples in Discrete-Time Signals and Digital Images

Eekelen, M.C.J.D. van: Parallel Graph Rewriting - Some Contributions to its Theory, its Implementation and its Application pdf (pdf, 17 MB)


Meijer, H.: Programmar: A Translator Generator


Plasmeijer, M.J.: Input Tools - A Language Model for Interaction and Process Communication

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